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"I can serve you all known beverages,
for any unknown one... just ask Eric."

-- Tom Julianus, Clueless barman

  • Here's a nice one, mix some experience with a couple drops of ability scores, then add a little skill points and voilá, we got a planescape character sheet designed to make use of the house rules and other variations introduced in this website.
    Planescape CharSheet 3E (17K)
  • Then, if you want to keep ahead of times, try this new mix of the later beverage. Some random gith chronomancer added a little touch to it.
    Planescape CharSheet 3.5 (17K)
  • If you can't read others properly, try this, a typical screwdriver with Elysium nectar, the result, the Exocet and Verdana fonts.
    Font: Exocet (38K).
    Font: Verdana (341K).
  • Mix the essence of a Signer with delirium tremens with the extract of an overzelous Guvner, stirred not shaken, and you got this, the local 3.5E Planescape Treasure, Equipment, and Spell Lists Generator, or you could call it the 3.5E Planescape DM's Assistant (PDMA for short). [Melroch's Update: The software was redone using visual basic this time, works a LOT better now. Enjoy!]
    PDMA Files (282K).

  • From tomes of ancient wisdom, dark and forgotten chatter boxes, and folklore from all around the Great Ring come this ultimate source of knowledge about all types of ill mannered creatures, spawning from light and dark alike. Test the hardiness of any skipper or blood planewalker with this, a recolection of creatures never seen before! (except of course in the original printing.. :) ).
    3.5E Planescape Monstrous Convertions (324K, word format). Contains the Appendix I, and the 4 Monstrous Supplements shown in this webpage.