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"If I don't know it, it doesn't exists."

-- Yisoba Bret, Guvner Tout

  • Tony's Diterlizzi Website

    This a must for all sensates out there, the official website of a wonderful illustrator, he has portrayed many famous people from Sigil and other less common places. He also painted many devils, demons, devas, factols, you name it.

  • Join the Hub

    Click on the banner at the top ot in this link to visit the Planescape Webring. A great place to start any search on this topic or just to enjoy reading about Planescape

  • I am the Mimir

    Home of the Mimir, a very good website for planescape resources. Also home of 'Water of the Styx' a Planescape: Torment website.


    Another 3rd edition planescape website, running a lot longer than mine, and also they're asking to backup a petition to WotC to release a 3.5E Planescape setting. Read more on their site.

  • Wizards of the Coast

    Wizards of the Coast Homepage. The mighty successor to TSR, the original flag under which was created this fabled setting. Visit this site for official releases and news about books and such. They have an update of most 3E related books HERE.

  • The Roaming Genasi Tavern

    A very good website dedicated to planetouched characters. There's a lot of background, stories, rules, etc. All my para- and quasi- elemental genasi work is based upon this website.


    An excellent site dedicated to anything AD&D related. They have a forum, webresources, weblinks, etc. An ever-growing community of roleplaying gamers in the internet. They also added this page to their links, Thanks!.

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