I'm looking for individuals who would like to contribute to the encyclopedia of Ultima, specifically definitions of the various towns, dungeons, events, items, lands, etc. to the series. Or, to include additions if I missed or excluded any information regarding any of the definitions. However, at this point there will be a few exceptions:

What this site does not include:
  • Anything to do with Ultima Online with the exception of the event that caused it's conception (aka, the shattering of Mondain's gem.)*
  • No midi files please.

* I am also considering including information regarding Ultima X: Odyssey as well depending on how much it's tied into the previous single-player Ultimas.

You will be given credit for any and all contributions you make to this site.

If you would like to make contributions please e-mail me at darkdelve@yahoo.com with the entry(s) and definition(s) you would like me to add.

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