Screen shot from PC version of Ultima III
Ultima III had more to offer in the ways of new technology than  Ultima II. This was the first Ultima game in which an original musical  soundtrack was included. What a breakthrough(at least in my opinion)! Another  novelty was the multi-adventurer parties. A completely new combat system  which had been adapted to the party system was introduced.
The story in Ultima III continued on the same theme as the earlier Ultimas:  big bad boy shows up and beats the crap out of the poor, poor population.  This time the baddie was the offspring of the unholy couple of Mondain  and Minax. We are once again back in Sosaria(seems our hero got lost in  Ultima II), and once again hordes of orcs and rogues are traversing the  countryland as a result of some evil being's actions. This being himself,  Exodus, is clouded in mystery, though. No one seems to know whether it  is man, woman, daemon, dragon or worse. This time you don't even know what  you're up against.
Ultima 4