Ultima VI - The False Prophet
Screen shot from PC version of Ultima VI
The graphics received a major facelift in Ultima VI. Gone were  the small icons symbolizing the Avatar and friends and foes. They had been  replaced with actual images in a much more believable scale. The Avatar  was no longer as big as a city when seen on the map. The switching between  different maps when engaging into combat and entering a city had also been  removed. In Ultima VI Britannia, and its cities, were united in one huge  map. The size of the game had truly been increased since Ultima V. Ultima  VI was also the first Ultima game in which the PC-version had music. During  conversation, you could also see a portrait of the person to whom you're  speking. This concept of portraits has been passed on to all the later  parts of the series, except Ultima VIII(god (and Garriot) knows why).
You don't get to know much about what's going on in Britannia early  in the game. A new species of creatures have shown up in the kingdom of  Britannia, and they slay and destroy everything that comes in their way.  They resemble daemons in many ways, and no one knows where they came from  and why they are tearing Britannia apart. They have been given the name  gargoyles and from their behaviour, one can guess that they are  serching for something. They have occupated the shrines of the eight virtues,  and refuse to let themselves be driven away. Once again, Britannia needs  help. The Avatar is once again summoned and is given the quest to lure  out the gargoyles' intentions and prevent them from from destroying the  entire land, something which they certainly seem capable of.
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