Misconception or Genocide:
a history of Dragons in Sosaria
Age of Mondain: no Dragons mentioned, other than our cousins, the DragonTurtle.
Age of Minax: no mention.
Age of Exodus: Dragons are classed with griffins and wyverns. "These creatures can hurl mystical fireballs at thy party from afar. They are the only creatures that can wreck havok upon thee when not engaged in battle. Any party luckless enough to venture within three square miles of one of these creatures will be subject to an awesome attack. The Great Dragons (that's us!) can destroy a party before the party ever engages in combat with the Dragon!"
Well, there seems to be a healthy respect for our prowess, but the constant emphasis on our status as 'creature' is disconcerting at best.
Age of the Avatar: "The Dragon is an evil, flying serpent which can cross water and blast ships with huge fireballs. Not many ships can withstand a couple of passes by an attacking Dragon."
So now we are evil. Sort of justifies what comes later...
Age of Blackthorn: "Strongest and most feared of creatures, Dragons shoot extremely damaging magic fireballs and are nearly impossible to defeat. They can attack while in flight and may do in an entire party before it has a chance to engage in close combat. Killing a Dragon, however, can earn the slayer great treasure."
I suppose it follows that since Dragons are 'evil', it is okay to kill us and confiscate our property. Wait, it gets worse...
Age of the Gargoyles: "How many myths have been built around this winged, fire-breathing holdover from Britannia's (sic) distant past? Even the strongest warrior has been known to wilt under the intense magical flames and noxious fumes that pour from the enraged beast's nostrils. Though mortal, Dragons are extremely difficult to kill. It is, therefore, a wonder that some bold souls have actually managed to steal eggs from a Dragon's nest *to*satisy*the*culinary*delights*of*wealthy*town*dwellers* !"
Emphasis mine. Need I even comment on the heinousness of this crime? Eating our young, before they even have a chance to defend themselves? If you are not outraged at this point, then you truly lack moral fiber.
Age of the Guardian (part 1): "Dragons are a mysterious ancient race of highly evolved reptiles that possess magical abilities and a high degree of intelligence. They have large wings and are capable of rapid flight. A Dragon is formidable in combat and is all the more lethal due to its noxious flaming breath. Its lair is usually a cave or dungeon where it guards its eggs and treasure."
Okay, no talk of eating our young, and they *do* acknowledge our superior status. Nevertheless, it is implied that we are still prey for the most bold and powerful.
Wanted for Cruelty and Murder of our kind
these photos where taken by our survalince cameras