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Who is Hoki-Aamrel?


Thus you ask, and this is how I answer:

So what kind of dragon are you, physically speaking?

Before you stands a relatively small western-type dragon, with four feet and a pair of wings. He appears to be more comfortable on four feet, but is able to stand on two - in which case he often shrinks in size, too. But, at the moment he's on fours. He is 5.18 meters from snout to tip of the tail, approximately 3.36 meters tall when standing on hind legs. He has a maximum wingspan of about 4.5 to 5 meters, usually a bit less. (He is, of course, not wearing any clothes - most tailors give up *so* easily, you know.)

His skin is covered with red scales, and the wings are slightly brighter in color; The scales are iridescent, glimmering in darker, metallic hues of red depending on the lighting conditions and angle.

He's lean by build, and is very muscular and a strong creature. It is hard to describe this, but everything in him seems to tell of power to crush *everything*. He's the type that inspires sculptors a great deal. Whip-like tail, perfectly built limbs, strong body, relatively short neck and head with horns and all. As said, all about strength, grace, flexibility and speed.

However, this strong image seems to be more of a deterrent, as he doesn't appear to be a killer - more like a good-natured spirit who should not be angered at any cost. He tries hard to look old, wise and helpful while trying hard not to look cynical and bitter at the brave new world. Yet, he doesn't seem like a grumpy dragon; He seems neither jovial or sad-minded, but can act both if the situation needs it.

That is the description of me, from Tapestries and Alfandria.

In case you were wondering: I was originally almost 60 meters long, but I found it extremely inconvinient in the current Terran societies - I don't often say bad things about you mortals, but could you please consider us bigger creatures when designing these buildings?

I also have a smaller, bipedal morph.

I breathe fire, of course. My name is often continued with with "the Fire Dragon" to emphasise this. Earlier, and in many cases still, I'm called "the Cherry-Red Dragon" (for example UDIC's roster knows me with that name); This just describes my coloring. (I like cherries, too, but that's just a coincidence.)

Where do you live?

I live in a cave. It's somewhere in the Finnish forests. Of course, depending on where I usually go around, I may have, hm, secondary addresses. Wherever I lie down and feel comfortable is what I call my home.

What does your name mean?

In Zykra language spoken in Tameland (in world known as Foragia), "Hoki" means dragon, "Aamrel" is a mutation of "Aam-reelen", which means a fast flier. It was the first name given to me by a humans, and I liked it. To be exact, the name was given me by Archwizard Kratois, whose goal of life was to study dragons and know everything about it. He died just after his work was completed. I lived with Kratois for many years, but I didn't liked his son (a crazy dragon hater and sadistic dragon slayer, enough said), so I decided to leave that world.

The Zykran pronouncation is /khokee/ (kh as in "loch" or "TeX"). My typist usually pronounces it as /hokee/. You can pronounce it whatever way it pleases you...

Oddly enough, if you add umlauts to 'a':s and mix the letters, you'll get "Lohikäärme", or "dragon" in Finnish.

What kind of dragon are you to live with with?

Good question - well, I'm silly but serious. I'm light-hearted, but I know what "seriousness" is. If there's one thing I've learned from mortals, it's the fact that fun can be fun. I'm not a grumpy dragon. You can tell a joke when I'm listening and with 99.9% certainity you're not charred by yours truly when you finish. (In general, I grant you freedom of speech, but in case I get ticked off, not the freedom after speech.)

I'm technically minded sometimes, as one of my big interests is technomancy.

You go to Tapestries, are you yiffy too?

Oh? I'm practically hyper-yiffy! Having casual TS with other nice dragons and reptiles almost all the time! Think of it! The urban legends are true! Some of us guys really think of sex every seven years. I may, in some cases, have it in mind even more often! And I absolutely can't live without having sex every couple of centuries! Sometimes even more often!


(Okay, to tell the truth: Yes. But it's not my day job, not even in Taps. Everyone knows the most useful thing anyone can do online is to idle. TS is better in small doses *grin*)

I know you don't exist. Who are you, anyway?

Huh? Ah, I see, you're a boring person who has no imagination whatsoever. (Hoki goes to sulk in the corner.)

Okay, the Reality Bit: Hoki-Aamrel the dragon is a role-playing character. The person behind the character is Urpo Lankinen, aka. Weyfour WWWWolf. He's an anthropomorphic wolf (in the Internet, at least), but likes dragons a lot!

He's a professional web designer, by the way, and would like to say that this page is not up to his quality standards - this page is based on... raw creative power - this is really personal personal home page, he doesn't expect anyone even visits it! See the home page for more "serious" stuff.

And no, he doesn't speak in 3rd person usually.

How can I contact you?

Well, you can always mail me at hoki_dragon@yahoo.com! I love to get mail, so you can mail me for whatever reason you want!

Are there any other places where you have told about yourself?

Yes - for example, you can consult my answers to one survey I (and my typist) replied to in Alfandra in May 2001.

Any stupid anagrams of the name?

Oh yes! "Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-red Dragon" turns into...

[Warning: sexual content] ...umm, the following aren't exactly kid-friendly... don't know what came in me when I did these...

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