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From:  "Cris Berneburg" 
Date:  Tue Sep 18, 2001  12:51 pm
Subject:  Re: my Ocean. blah x_x

--- In VPetsML@y..., jaqcoleman@a... wrote:
> ... devilgotch had a 'bad end'

You will get Bad End if you let the devil points max out at 99. IOW, 
he will cease to exist if he gets as bad as he can possibly get! Note 
that the points will go up all by themselves. That is, it's in his 
nature to get badder and badder without any intervention from you. To 
keep him "alive" you must keep the points down. You can do stuff to 
annoy him so he'll annoy you back, then you can discipline him with 
the angel icon and make his points go down.


From:  "Cris Berneburg" 
Date:  Mon Sep 24, 2001  8:15 am
Subject:  Re: Digimon charactersssssss

--- In VPetsML@y..., "Derek "  wrote:
> How in gods good name do you get the
> short four legged teen on the digimon.
> I ALWAYS get the dinosaur guy, and the
> other guy looks soooo cute.
> Any advice? -tom


Betamon, i.e. frog with a mohawk, is not hard to get at all. It's just 
difficult to know *how* to get him. :-) If you take either good or bad 
care of Koromon (the baby round guy) you'll get Agumon, the young 
tyrannosaur. But if you take *mediocre* care of Koro, you can get 
Beta. So, maybe every other time that Koro beeps make sure he has 2 
food points and two strength points. Do not exercise him but rather 
give him 2 vitamins. How did I discover all this? My younger boy takes 
erratic care of his virtual pets and consequently can get a larger 
variety of characters than what me or my more diligent son can get. So 
if you wanna see some more interesting chars, hand your v-pet (gulp) 
to one of your younger siblings...

That's all for now!