Ultima 6 Online (U6O) Karma

What is Karma?
Karma, stemming from religion, is gained when a person does virtuous things for others or the greater good. Karma is lost when one does something selfish at the expense of others. It is believed that those with much Karma can assend to higher planes.

Is Karma in U6O?
Yes! In U6O, like Ultima6, you are required to gain Karma from doing good deeds. Karma will be lost if you do bad things. You need Karma to participate fully in U6O.

How do I gain or lose Karma?
By completing quests and helping others and being virtuous you gain Karma. You lose Karma for killing people, stealing, lying, cruelty and other unvirtuous acts. If you lose all Karma you will eventually die.

How do I know how much Karma I have?
You don't! Karma unlike hp or mp is never displayed, you must decide for yourself if you feel your character is being virtuous enough. You start U6O with enough Karma to do any task, you need no more than this.
(Edited 4/3/04-Karma was displayed in Ultima6, Ctrl-K)

How do I know if it's stealing?
Inspect suspect items using LOOK, this will tell you if taking the item is stealing. If you add stolen items to your inventory or walk while holding them it is considered stealing.

Are there any differences from the original Ultima6?
i. You will die if you lose all Karma.
ii. You will lose more Karma when stealing a greater amount of items, gold, etc.
iii. In Ultima6 a bug allowed players to group gold or collect items in a bag before picking them up, this reduced the Karma cost. In U6O you will suffer just as much as picking these items up individually.
iv. Karma is internally stored as a floating point value.