Ultima 6 Online (U6O) Links

If you enjoyed Ultima6 don't miss visiting these sites!

(Fantastic source of information about all ultimas, remake efforts, and official games. With updates about us too!)

(Open source project to play Ultima6/Savage Empire/Martian Dreams on all OS. Check it out!)

Ultima 6 Developers Kit
(Edit maps and party members from the original game. The best collection of ultima6 editing tools plus some interesting, fun and pretty crazy things you can do while playing. Recently they updated their engine to include Martian Dreams and Savage Empire)

Ultima 6 Project
(Project to recreate Ultima6 in 3D using DS. Professional style and brilliant graphics. They recently opened a new forum & released their first tech demo. Way to go Archon!)

Dragon Press


(Stories and more created by ultima fans. Some very ironic, satirical and humerous things live here. There's a lot of jokes you may not get but the general themes revolve around patching the gaps in the ultima storylines, theoretical thoughts about the state of the ultima series, Iolo eating too much or not stealing LB's fork/spoon)

Dino's Ultima Page
(Information about many projects and Ultimas. Ultima 6 Online updates are reported here too! This is frequently updated, an excellent source for up-to-date information about ultima)

Virtue Test
(What kind of Avatar will you be? Answer the questions to determine your stats for Ultima6. The same questions will be used to find your stats for U6O too)

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