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Hard boiled ankh

Congratulations! You found the easter egg section of your Little Shepherd DVD. Have fun with these bonus features.

The Original Gone Gold Thread
Pages 1 and 2 (ZIP file)
Page 3 (ZIP file)
Page 4 (ZIP file)
The forum thread in which the story of Sausalito was originally written.

Sausalito's Saved Games
Download Zip File (4.3 KB)
Now you can walk a mile in the shepherd's sandals! Think you can do better? Consult the readme.txt file for instructions.

David Letterman's Top Ten
When news got around that a shepherd was attempting to attain Avatarhood, the jokes flew. David Letterman was particularly brutal, as you can see below. Of course, ever since Sausalito succeeded, Mr. Letterman has been begging him to be a guest on the Late Show.

Some excerpts from my upcoming book, 1,001 Classic Ultima Jokes:

Deleted Scene
At one point in the original edit of the movie, while the party is wandering through another atrocious dungeon, the evil skull of Mondain tells a frustrated Sausalito that perhaps he is in the wrong game. He does this through music. We had to take this scene out of the theatrical release because the greedy hardhead wanted more money, but his contract never said anything about keeping it out of the DVD.

And now, we present Mondain's solo, sung to the tune of "Under the Sea" (MIDI file) from the movie "The Little Mermaid." Hit it, Tubbs!

The sequels are always neater
In somebody else's game
Each time you when play another
You find that they all the same
But Garriott hit the paydirt
Just on his third time around
You get reward for your effort
Who care if it don't got sound?

Ultima III, Ultima III
Things gonna hurt you
What use is virtue
To you and me?
Here for the stones you got to dash
Wouldn't you rather hack and slash
Down in the dungeon
Fighting is fun in
Ultima III

Akalabeth was the first game
To offer you things to kill
Then Ultima added Mondain
So evil he haunt you still
His girly-friend try to get you
In Ultima number two
When Exodus come and fetch you
Guess who will be in the stew?

Uh oh! Ultima III, Ultima III
Get no demerit
Tossing a ferret
Into the sea
"Avatar" means a silly chump
Lord British castle is a dump
Don't got to go there
Who need his welfare?
Ultima III, Ultima III
Forget the Moongate
Ride in a frigate
Even the spider and the rat
Give you the urge to watch your back
You got to try it
Go out and buy it
Ultima III

The ghoul make a drool
The troll charge a toll
The dread grab your head and they make it roll
The fly hit your eye
The shark leave a mark
The drake gonna bake your soul (yeah)
The dreck snap your neck
The orc give it torque
The mane take your brain
To eat with a fork
The snake full of slime
The Lord of the Time
A hop-skip-jump from GOAL!

(Instrumental, key change)

Ultima III, Ultima III
Skeleton mashin'
Don't take compassion
Or honesty
Shrines are for Blizzard-payin' fools
Ultima III give you the good tools
To chop a demon
Down like a tree in
Ultima III

You no be missin'
Stygy Abyss in
Ultima III
Eight Nine and Online
Ain't no one's funtime
Tabula Rasa
Never surpass a
Gaming Jurassic, Garriott's classic
Ultima III

Bonus Movie: Ultima VIII
The complete version

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