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I started a new game and purposely drew a shepherd, naming him Sausalito. This should be interesting.

The gypsy placed me near Magincia. I entered the town, where some strange things seemed to be happening ...

I talked to some of the unhealthy denizens, who warned me against pride. One of them, a snake named Nate, offered to separate death from life. I politely tried to break from conversation, but he attacked me! I finished him, but not before getting poisoned by his venomous fangs. No problem, I thought, for I can mix up a cure spell. Apparently, however, Sausalito doesn't have enough MP ... dies.

I woke up before Lord British and his court, a scene I may be seeing a lot. Maybe I should restart as a tougher character. Or maybe I should keep going; after all, it's only been 700 moves.