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So I go through the gate and land in a clearing. It's a one-way trip, how convenient! From the map I discover that I'm not too far from the town of Yew. I get there and stumble into some druids chanting around a fire. For the heck of it, I talk to the fire, and am surprised to hear it talk back! It teaches me a bit about justice. Later, I visit the town judge who, with a wink and a smile, sentences me for any felonies I might have done. My cellmate is an alarmingly hungry Atkins diet devotee whom I keep at arms length, but in little time another rune is mine. For great justice!

Having found the rune and learned the mantra from the druids, I head off in search of the shrine. I meet some orcs and skeletons along the way, showing them my adeptness with the sling and staff, but unwisely open a chest armed with an acid trap. Foops.

No problem, though, because Lord Ding-Dong has got my back, and I'm back in his court ready for another shot at the title. Two runes, a mantra, 4,000 moves ... I've got this game licked.