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Tubbs and Julia

As a father-daughter team, Tubbs and Julia tour the world to practice the virtues they taught to, and learned from, the Avatar. Once a poorhouse volunteer, Julia now goes from one nursing home to the next, offering her elder advocacy services to those who cannot afford them. Tubbs accompanies her, helping with the administrative part of the practice but more there to provide much-appreciated musical entertainment to his fellow senior citizens.


The sole practitioner of a new law firm named "Jaana's Justice and Jambalaya," Jaana has retained Zachariah Blackthorn to prepare a massive antitrust lawsuit against LB Snacks™. Blackthorn's background is a mystery, but Jaana has every confidence in his lawyering and cooking skills. Her days as a simple druid may be long gone, but neither her love of nature nor her memories of the Avatar have waned.


The support structure that Mariah had in her friends crumbled when the Avatar's party disbanded. She began to regress into her silence. Taking pity on her, Sausalito put her up in a guest hut on his sheep farm and tried to help her adjust to living in society. She learned a little independence as she helped out with chores and talked a bit more. But, aside from chasing away the occasional coyote with a fireball, her magical talent was going to waste. So, Sausalito asked Palamar, the wizard of the Lycaeum, to take her in as an apprentice. Since then, Sausalito has noticed mysterious stormclouds and rays of light coming from the Lycaeum observatory tower. He wonders about Mariah's well-being, but has not been allowed to visit her.


Shamino returned to Skara Brae, now admired where he was once shunned. A proven warrior and confidant of the Avatar, he no longer needed to put on the facade of a ranger to gain respect. So he pursued his dream of putting on facades for a living: acting! Starting out in the Food For Thought Lunchtime Puppet Show, he grew in fame and ability. He now tours with the Tasty Pudding traveling troupe, starring in a musical comedy about the Avatar's adventures. He portrays the Avatar himself, but has subtley rewritten the script to downplay Sausalito's importance and glorify Shamino's contribution. Despite such artistic latitude, the musical is a success, and features hit songs such as "Son of an Avatar Man" and "Ankharena."

Geoffrey and Dupre

The deadly duo retired to Jhelom to help it recover from famine. They set up a food shop, violating the moratorium that Lord British had placed on food establishments there but unlikely to be challenged due to their heroism in the Avatar's service. Dupre, having a Master in Business Administration, is the brains of the company, while Geoffrey peels the potatoes.

Lord British

Unable to complete his highly anticipated biopic of the Avatar due to "unforseen budget constraints," Lord British released "Heart of Blackness: An Filmmaker's Armageddon," a confessional documentary about the personal crises he suffered while trying to make the movie. It has received widespread critical praise, particularly from film reviewers whose publications happen to advertise LB Snacks. To assure his permanent place in cinematic art history, the sovereign is on his way to present the documentary at the prestigious Underworld Film Festival.


In lava pool thy Mondain lies;
Of his bones are pumice made;
Gates had pushed them down the rise;
Plopped in pool, the skull hath stayed
To melt, reform, set and change
Into something wrong and strange.
Tourists watch him, make him yell,
"Ding dong!
Hark! Leave me alone. Go to hell!"

Sausalito (the Avatar)

And me? I'm just taking care of my little tract of land near Magincia, growing corn nuts and working hard to replace the sheep I lost during the quest. I keep in touch with the others, sending them letters and photographs of my newborn lambs. I don't know when, if ever, I'll return to the "real world." I suppose I'll be subpoenaed someday to testify in Jaana's big lawsuit against LB Snacks, and will have to face Lord Booger again. But, for now, let me cultivate my garden.

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