Here's a list of some of my favorite external links. Well, some links aren't up yet, as this page is under construction. But at least it was redesigned as little ago as 4/24/2000.

Reading links, in alphabetical order:
"Adult" books
Douglas Adams I haven't decided on the best one yet.
Martin Amis Martin Amis Web, dedicated to "an English man turned American writer."
Jorge Luis Borges The Garden of Forking Paths
There are other excellent author sites in the libyrinth too.
C.S. Lewis Into the Wardrobe--stepson Douglas Gresham is one of many contributors!
Vladimir Nabokov Zembla, the homeland of Pale Fire's Charles Kinbote.
Children's books(general)
This big list is my favorite. Loads quickly because it's text, and it's shown me many great books. is pretty fun, too. Links to lots of e-books here.
Comic books
Tintin Cult of Tintin--the best comic character ever produced, with only....
Asterix ....Asterix(link to official site, in English) coming anywhere close.
Of course, I like many more authors than this, but these are the very best links I've found.

And now for more technical amusements:
Chess links: US Chess Federation(USCF)
Illinois Chess Association(ICA)
Impractical or practical
Acronym finder.
Anagram server.
Aphorisms galore.
Merriam Webster Online
Math contests/pages MathCounts, for middle school participants.
ARML(American Regions Math League)
USAMTS(USA Math Talent Search)
The Mandelbrot competition(proofs)
MOPNet--a great summer program.
HcSSiM--Hampshire College Summer Studies in Mathematics. Alumni page here.
Swarthmore's math bulletin board., with lots of neat, classic puzzles and *instructive and fun* JAVA applets and JavaScript things. They motivated me to start learning the language.
...this cryptarithm page. With this guy, it's an art form.
A guide to magic squares. Integral Calculator
Eric's Treasure Troves of science and math.
Sports links:
Purdue(2001 Women's Runners-Up[grumblerefsgrumble], 2000-2001 Rose Bowl, 1999 National Women's Champs, 1997-98 Alamo Bowl champs) links: Boiler Station
Indiana's Game: Purdue directory
Purdue Sports mailing list
Soccer(football) links: Official Arsenal site | team in England's top division
Heart of Midlothian(Hearts) official site--coolest team in Scotland's top division
Ormondroyd's Match reports for Fulham F.C. Funny stuff.
Leyton Orient(3rd division team) + unofficial
Leigh RMI(in the top semi-pro league in England)
Ciderspace, an unofficial Yeovil Town(Conference, but recently full-time) site with the funniest week-end wrap-ups you'll ever read, even if you don't get all the jokes.
Gandermonium(Sutton United) featuring the hopeless and amusing Johnny Bumblepants.
Non-league on the 'net. Non-league English soccer is so wonderful, with the "pyramid" of yearly promotion and relegation. All the cool team names leave your head spinning.
Here's a bunch of tables and archives for the top two levels of the non-league pyramid.
Here's Tony Kempster's extensive non-league site. Also here's another extensive non-league website--not updated any more, but it served well while it was up. Even has Nationwide Conference coverage.
The Guardian's sports section. Includes the Fiver, "free and funny," with an amusing look at soccer.
Sky Sports Football, with its scoreflash section and Soccer Saturday goal log too.
Here's a slightly different look at what non-Amurikans call football.
Computer gaming/programming links:
This unofficial Infocom page is great stuff for the old text adventures of the '80s. has a ton of Apple stuff, including emulators, on which is the authority. also contains great classic games.
Wilson Lau's Deathlord page, where I am proud to say some of my work is displayed. It has maps, a FAQ, and a script. There's also a mailing list I'm active in. Deathlord is a forgotten game--a bit of an Ultima III knockoff. But the puzzles are original, and it has a huge map and nice graphics for its time. It's a unique game.
I submit reviews and FAQs of classic Apple IIe games to, a great place to look around, maybe for old games you'd love to remember.
Lots of freeware.
HTML 4.0 specifications.

TV Links:
I don't watch much, but there actually are good shows out there...
Absolutely Fabulous Here's a good site, sweetie.
South Park
Mr. Hat's Hell Hole
Nighstand with Dick Dietrich
A talk-show spoof. Reruns are the only reason to watch E!
International fan page.
Beavis and Butt-Head. Yahoo's guide to those two lovable failures.
Other random cool shows
Most with cult followings
Danger Mouse
Kidd Video
Bananaman, The Dukes of Hazzard, Saved by the Bell, and Fat Albert links to come. No "unsophisticated" cracks here please :)--when I watch TV, I look for entertainment.
Tom Lehrer Tom Lehrer webpage, not to be confused with A Webpage Wasted on Tom Lehrer. One might conceivably be inclined to argue both were wasted on Tom Lehrer, if one actually felt the point worth belaboring.
Eighties Stuff Huey Lewis and the News was the coolest band in the Eighties. The Eighties were a great time for music, even better than the sixties. As for the nineties, such things are better left unspoken.
Political humor links:
Let's face it. Dubya is an idiot. Whether or not more people in Florida DID vote for him, he certainly used unethical means to get as many votes as he did. There are some excellent grass-roots sites that skewer him and his pals. All Hat No Cattle--about the Prezdint who seems "a few fries short of a Happy Meal."
BartCop has daily rants.
BushWatch. More serious and thought-out, but mind-blowing. Not the most easily navigable, but maybe the most creative.
Cunningham Strikes--daily political cartoons frequently on the fringe of good taste. Almost 400 as of the last time this page was updated., one of the original satirical sites that Dubya unsuccessfully tried to shut down.
Places I've been in my life:
School and jobs Libraries
For seedy folk like me
Evanston Township High School
Northwestern University
Johns Hopkins University with a link to the Chicago alumni page.
Inso Corporation, my present place of employment.
Colleagues include Luke Idaszewski, Mark Nicholson, and Whitney Payne, in alphabetical order.
Former colleague: Mike Sussman.
The Chicago Public Library is pretty big.
Evanston Public Library(search engine)
Skokie catalog
Winnetka/Northfield catalog isn't a library, but it has free e-books.
Screenz CyberCafe, where I scan a lot of my pictures. Great prices, great service, great resources, great promotions.
Sam's Club and eBay are great places to save $$$$.
I use the CTA to get to many of these places and others(especially downtown!) Well, not eBay.
Urban legends, if you have the fortune to know someone who keeps forwarding them to you and would like to show contrary evidence. 1