Might and Magic II Hirelings Page

Details on how to get the hirelings can be found here.
Name Class/
Gold Where
Sir Hyron Kt/?/1 2 Middlegate dungeon (0,15)
Drog Ba/?/1 2 Middlegate dungeon (0,15)
H K Phooey Ni/?/? ? Sandsobar tavern (4,10)
Thund R Ba/G/3 10 Vulcania bar, 1e
Aerial So/G/3 12 Vulcania bar, 1e
Gertrude Ba/?/? Tundara, (15,10)
Rat Fink R/?/? Tundara, (15,10)
Harry Kari Ni/?/6 25 Vulcania dungeon (1,14)
No Name Ar/G/? Vulcania dungeon (1,14)
Flailer Kt/?/? 2000 A3 (8,1)
Fumbler R/?/? 2000 A3 (8,1)
Sherman Pa/?/13 1200 B4 (10,1)
Nakazawa Ni/G/13 700 B4 (10,1)
Dark Mage So/?/? 200 Hillstone (x,x)
Friar Fly Cl/?/? 200 Hillstone (x,x)
Big Bootay Cl/?/? ? Atlantium (0,14)
Cleogotcha Ar/?/? ? Atlantium (0,14)
Sir Kill Kt/?/15 4000 Sarakin's Mine (7,2)
Jed I Ar/?/15 6000 Sarakin's Mine (7,2)
Holey Moley ? ? Dawn's Mist Bog (4,11)
Slick Pick ? ? Dawn's Mist Bog (4,11)
Dead Eye Ar?/?/? ? D2(11,1)
Red Duke P?/?/? ? D2(11,1)
Mr. Wizard So/?/21 50000 E2(1,14): giant beetle.
The best hirelings are probably the robbers. Load them up with Magic Herbs and Ray Guns as you have them go on the class-specific quests. It doesn't hurt to have all three of a certain class along with your robber and other character of specific class for the quest. For instance, as a level-one character, Sir Hyron would seem pretty useless, but give him a magic weapon and a magic item and some herbs, and he'll be useful against the jouster if only as another warm body. Besides, you can always use skill potions and the like to improve levels temporarily.
Also, Robbers after the first quest they've completed will have a LOT of levels. They'll be hard to destroy.
One annoying thing about hirelings is that they take their share of gold and then some. I ignore them unless there's a quest to be completed with them. 1