Who am I?

My Name is David P. Williams, aka. Virtues Dragon.  I reside in Downey Ca, 13 miles south of Los Angeles.  Currently I am a student a Cerritos Community College.  My personal hobbies include Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and The Hollywood Bowl.  One the side I play Magic: The Gathering, and of Course Ultima.


My family and I at Magic Kingdom:  From left to right: my sister Lisa, Myself, and my Father Robert.


I love Oldies, Musicals, Disney, 80's, and Soft Rock.  My Favorite Musicals are Little Shop of Horrors, Ragtime, The Phantom of the Opera, and Beauty and the Beast.  I am alos big on Dr. Demento and Wierd Al Yankovic.

From Left to Right:  Debbie, my sister Lisa, Sandra, and me.  My Dad is in the back of the group.  


My favorite movies are the Back to the Future films, and Austin Powers 1 & 2.  I love quoting lines from Robin Hood Men in Tights and Space Balls.

My family and my friend Lauren at Knotts Berry Farm's Ghost Ridder


My Favorite Web Site Newgrounds.com:
Home to Assassin, Pico, Telebuby Fun Land

My Friends from Warren High from left to right:
In the back: Chris, Josh, Louie. 
In the middle: Debbra
In the front: Lauren, Ryan

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