DaveAvtar's: Underworld 1 Codex
In this first installment to the Underworld series, the Avatar is drawn to Britannia by a ghostly Apparition. Upon arrival the Avatar is accused of kidnapping a princess and sentenced to the Great Stygian Abyss. There the Avatar was able to befriend the prisoners on all levels of the Abyss and recovered the Talismans of Virtue. In time the Avatar found and destroyed the kidnapper, the evil Mage Tybolt, rescued the Princess and banished an evil force that nearly entered Britannia.
  • Ultima Underworld Patch by Origin Systems.

  • Ultima Underworld Walkthrough v1.6 written by Mitch Aigner.

  • Ultima Underworld Cheat Tip written by Arah J. Leonard.

  • Ultima Underworld Character Editor written by Phat Tran.

  • Ultima Underworld Character Cheat TSR written by Nelno the Amoeba

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