Welcome to the Forgotten Realms

Olore and well met! Allow me to introduce you to the wonders of the Realms, called 'forgotten' only by those who do not know of them. The Realms are a very grand place made known to us by Ed Greenwood, with a not inconsiderable amount of help from that most popular of crotchety old wizards... I mean great archmages.... Elminster Aumar.

First, allow me to point out to you a rapidly rising place here in my little corner of the realms: Benzonite Castle. A place that you'll not find on any of your maps, but is nonetheless located twenty-five miles west of Phlan, on the Moonsea coast. Visit to learn more, while I take you further on the tour.

The tour is still under construction, alas, so visit the castle in the meantime.

have entered my Realms.

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