Master List for Cheaters in the Serpent Isle

Welcome to my grand accomplishment in the realm of Ultima Lore: The Master Cheater's List for Ultima VII: Serpent Isle. This is not the item list as done (wonderfully) by Fallible Dragon or Sagacious Dragon of the UDIC, but a more specialized list of items, by category. First, and foremost, however, goes a big hearty thankyou to whoever did the Ultima VII game editor (and shapes viewer) as found on Micro Dragon's Files page. That shapes viewer proved invaluable in creating this list.

Now, here is the index, or the list of Lists.

List of Polymorph numbers
List of Quest Items
List of items unique to the Silver Seed
List of General Equipment
Page Two: Weapons, Ammo, Armors, Wearables

Note: Any notes given at the head of a category also apply to categories below. This is because I didn't want to write the same notes at the head of each category. At a later date, I will likely reorganize the notes into one big group and put them all right before the first list. When I get around to it.

And now, the lists.

List of Polymorph Numbers

"Name" is what you get for single-clicking the person (Using Dupre to test -- Avatar always gives 'yourself'.). "Notes" are a description, if I deem necessary; for some morphs, I will include the name of one who uses the form, to help you know which it is (i.e. mage:Melino vs mage:Mortegro).

Number Name Notes
179 monk dark monk
214 Gwani
226 mage Melino
228 pikeman
229 man
230 woman
239 absolutely invisible
247 jester
250 monk Xenkan monk; Karnax
259 ranger Ernesto
265 townsman Topo
274 woman Yelinda
298 penguin
299 Cantra
302 bear
304 man Ducio
312 ghoul
317 Anti-Shamino Shamino the Anarch
318 Batlin
319 peasant Kane
329 boar
334 wildman
337 ghost
354 Goblin King Pomdirgun
363 magic gremlin
372 ice troll
373 mummy
375 unicorn
381 Fawn guard
382 ratman
392 Xenka
394 invisible; see #239
401 mage Ensorcio
446 ugly old woman Mosh
447 timberwolf Windrunner
449 bear polar bear
451 noble Marsten
454 shopkeeper Alyssand
455 shopkeeper Krayg