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Rule Britannia
Copyright: Origin Sytems Inc. 1990
Composition by: Kenneth W. Arnold
    Britannia is a wonderful realm ruled by the virtuous ruler from another world, Lord British.  Britannia was founded after the three ages of darkness, when Mondain, Minax, and Exodus were defeated.
     With the Triad of Evil destroyed, Sosaria united under Lord British, renaming the land Britannia in his honor.  This new land was founded on the eight virtues and three principles of the Avatar; a township was built for each virtue and a hold for each principle.  Britain City was founded on compassion, Moonglow on honesty, Jhelom on Valor, Yew on justice, Trinsic on honor, Minoc on sacrifice, Skara Brae on spirituality, and New Magincia, built on the ruins of prideful Magincia, was founded on humility.  The three holds consisted of Empath Abbey for love, the Lycaeum for truth, and Serpent's Hold for courage.
     Looking for a role model to set an example for all citizens of Britannia, Lord British called upon a person to embody virtue itself.  Aided by companions from across the lands, the champion of the Ages of Darkness was able to answer this call, earning the title of Avatar and retrieving the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom from the Great Stygian Abyss.
     However, during the Second Age of Enlightenment, the three Shadowlords of Hatred, Falsehood, and Cowardice, antitheses to the Principles, captured Lord British and corrupted the land through Lord Blackthorn's twisted laws.  Again, the Avatar appeared in Britannia, saved Lord British, and defeated the Shadowlords, restoring virtue to the land and banishing Lord Blackthorn to an uknown land.
     At the dawn of the Third Age of Enlightenment, the Avatar entered a red moongate created my an "Orb of the Moons," only to fall into a trap set up by the gargoyles.  His companions, Iolo, Dupre, and Shamino saved him just as the gargoyles were going to sacrifice him.  The Avatar learned that upon bringing Lord British out of the Underworld, a series of earthquakes were destroying the gargoyle land on the other side of the world and that they were coming to Britannia and destroying the human race.  The Avatar also learned that raising the Codex had set an ancient prophecy in motion which called for the destruction of the gargoyle race if the "False Prophet" who had stolen the Codex was not sacrificed.  The Avatar learned that the only alternative was to sacrifice the Codex itself.  Stealing the Codex from its home on the Isle of the Avatar, the Avatar sent it into the Etherial Void to the horror of both Lord British and Lord Draxinusom, lord of the gargoyles.  The Avatar gave each ruler a lens that, when properly aligned, would allow the holders to view the Codex in the void.
     After the Ages of Enlightenment, a new evil descended upon Britannia, Electronic Arts bought out Origin Systems, Inc. and the games started to suck (U7 was pretty good, though) and the Avatar died (or so I've heard.)