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    This site is mostly devoted to the Ultima saga that was created by Richard Garriot (Lord British.) Ultima VI: The False Prophet was the first computer RPG (role-plying game) that I ever played and will always be my favorite.  Since then, I have played Ultima I, IV, VII, VII part 2, and VIII.  While UVI remains my favorite, I also enjoyed Ultima IV: The Quest of the Avatar.  The Ultima  series is very unique and takes place on a planet known as Britannia.  For more information on Britannia, click here or find the link below.  The people of Britannia follow a moral code known as the Eight Virtues of the Avatar.  For more info on the eight virtues, click here or find the link below.  If you have any questions about Ultima or would like to share information, whether it is an interesting fact, cheat, or are just excited about your progress in an Ultima-related game, feel free to sign my guestbook below.  Thank you for visiting my sight.
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