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1. Seggallion's from Ashtalarea. As far as I know, this is not a reference to another game, but you never know. 3/15/2000: Ashtalarea is from the exceptional 1989 game Knights of Legend which isn't a classic, but should be. Richard Garriott, Dallas Snell, Denis Loubet, and other people associated with Ultima are mentioned in the credits.

2. Gwenno was in Ultimas 1-6, Ultima 9, and Serpent Isle. In U1, she was the court jester for all the eight kings and was called Gwino (interestingly, you had to kill her to win the game). In Ultima 2, she and Iolo were jesters in New San Antonio wandering around a house marked "Iolo Gwen." You couldn't talk to either of them. In Ultima 3, Iolo and Gweno (only one N) were jesters in Lord British's Castle. In Ultima 4, Gweno (still with one N) was a jester who hung out with Iolo in Britain. In Ultima 5, Gwenno (spelled the traditional way) ran Iolo's Bows in Britain. In Ultima 6, Gwenno was with the Artisan's Guild in Minoc. In Serpent Isle, Gwenno was dead and entombed in the Gwani Death Temple. In Ultima 9, she was strangely younger and moped around her house near Britain waiting for Iolo.

3. In Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire, the first part of the documentation was an entry in the Avatar's journal.

4. You'd be on a small island, filled with either the ruins of Magincia or the village of New Magincia.

5. If you listen closely to the track in the Temple of the Ancient Ones (the catacombs you pass through that lead to the Zealan statues and the Tomb of Khumash-Gor), you will note that the score is a modified version of the Kotl theme from Savage Empire. Rather fitting, since both games use the song to show you investigating underground caverns in which you find the remnants of a forgotten civilization.

6. The Avatar can fall in love with or sleep with Wanda, Andreas, Aiela, Tristia, Nastassia, Wench, Martine, Roberto, Lucilla, Brendann, and Frigidazzi. Talk about unfaithful! And there's inevitably more to come in U9! 1/8/2000: Yep, more damsels with the next game! The Avatar meets up with Raven and Jade in Ultima 9.

7. Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire are the only two Ultimas to feature multiple endings. Ultima VII features a brief alternate ending if you choose to go through the Black Gate, whilst Savage Empire has three endings, each largely the same but varrying slightly depending on which Kurak princess, if either, you fell in love with during the game.

8. Technically, if you're picky about such things, the answer would be Ultima V, since it introduced the Orb of the Moons. However, Blackrock itself was not otherwise referred to or used ingame besides the Orb until Savage Emipre.

9. If you wear Lord British's Crown in Ultima 5, you will see neither hide nor hair of the Wisps in your journeys.

10. Now this is easy! There's a lad by the name of Maxwell in Serpent's Hold, and there's another lad going by Toshi in Empath Abbey! Neither are ever seen after this game. Presumably they were executed by Blackthorn so you could get Gorn on your party (of course, he kept killing Shamino for me, but THAT can't fit in with continuity).

Extra: Barataria is named after the fictional kingdom parodying Italy in the 19th century Gilbert and Sullivan play "The Gondoliers." I'm glad Richard Garriot's a G&S fan, I thought I was the only one!
Note: In Ultima 9, there's another reference to the Gondoliers. During Jean-Paul's trial in Yew, the judge mentions that he is guilty "beyond all possible shadow of doubt." This refers to the Grand Inquisitor's song in the first act which ends with the chorus "Of that there is no manner of doubt, no possible, probable shadow of doubt, no possible doubt whatever."
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