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Ultima Quiz
Are you prepared?
     Yeah, I know. A lot of people have these Ultima quizes. I'm not going to say it's an original idea of mine. However, I've tried to pick out questions that haven't been asked and will definitely set you thinking. Enjoy!
1. Where is the knight Seggallion from?

2. Name every Ultima Gwenno appeared in, what she was doing, and how her name was spelled.

3. What Ultima introduced the Avatar's journal?

4. You're near Jhelom, just outside the moongate. You step through the moongate at the third phase. You step through the next moongate at the second phase. Then you step through the next moongates at the third, first, and third phases, in that order. Where are you now?

5. Though Ultima VIII: Pagan is generally crediting as having a completely original musical score, one song was in fact taken from a previous Ultima. Which track was this, and what Ultima did it come from?

6. What characters, male or female, could the Avatar either become romantically involved with or have sexual intercourse with in all Ultimas?

7. Which Ultimas had multiple endings?

8. Which Ultima introduced Blackrock?

9. Wisps are cool, huh? What artifact could devastate them yet leave other creatures untouched?

10. What two party members from Ultima 5 never appeared or were mentioned in any other Ultima? (Note: Saduj doesn't count)

Extra: One of the Eight Kings in Ultima One was the "King of Barataria." Where did Richard Garriott get the name Barataria from?
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