Miner 2049er HTML Walkthrough
This is a walkthrough for Micro Fun's old Apple game Miner 2049er. The GIFs are screen shots from my Apple emulator. The walkthrough is text cut and pasted from my faq I originally submitted to GameFAQs.
Level 1

This is not too bad. After eating the apple make sure you have covered the bottom. Then run right, get the apple, and nail the monster. after completing the bottom row jump onto the next one. Take the up stairs on the left and jump left three units from the edge. You'll land on the two-unit platform. Drop down from there to wipe out the other monster. Then go right at the second-top platform, then left and when you grab the apple go up and to the right. You'll just need to be careful you don't do something silly and fall before you finish this level.
Level 2

This level is not too bad either. I'd start off by immediately going left. Then I'd go back right to knock out the second monster. Climb up the ladder, jump left, and climb to the top. Time the run across so you nail the monsters and drop down the right-hand shaft. The rest is easier without those pesky monsters. From the bottom ladder, go up and right, then go up that ladder. Jump left and then walk until you are almost at the middle of the chute. Turn back and give yourself space to jump left twice. Do so. Then go up and sweep the second-top level. This is a good place to practice not falling down the chute and covering the squares above it anyway. This level isn't impossible, but there are a lot more jumps to deal with, and the monsters are less innocuous.
Level 3

Another level that is eminently doable. In fact, there are two ways to get to the walkways by the elevator shaft. You can jump or use the elevator. To use the elevator type the numbers 1-4 when you are in it.
ELEVATOR: enter it and push 4. Wait for it to get up there, go left, take out the monster, then run right. Don't worry about hitting all the squares since you can always go back. Drop down to the right after you get the apple and after taking out the monster fill everything else in. At the bottom, jump left, then jump left and up, jump left over the elevator gap, and drop down left. Time your jump to get the apple before you touch the monster, and then turn around and jump right and climb up. With the final monster out of commission you are free to tie up loose ends. Once you have, go back to the elevator, push 3, and walk over the final platforms.
NO ELEVATOR: Climb up the stairs, jump UL, jump L, drop L, jump L to get the apple(time it right, again) and jump right and climb up the stairs. Avoid the monster at the top until you get the apple, then wipe him out and jump across the gap. Wipe the other monster out and then fall down right. Clear that area out and go back to the left side, one platform down. You can jump right onto the left elevator ledge, but just don't do it right from the edge. Jump to the other side of the gap and you're done.
Level 4

First go left and up and complete the platform there, knocking out the monster. Now all jump sequences will start from the lowest platform.
a. UR, UR, L(drop down), L(drop down)
b. UL, UL, UR, UR, UL, U(jump in place), L, UR(turn quickly and jump), UR(knock out monster), DL(jump off the edge to get the upper left platform), R, drop down to the left twice, drop to the right, UR, UR, UL, U, U, U, UR, UR, drop right, up, jump right, jump right to get apple, clear out the top(do it immediately. Get everything else after you wipe the two monsters out), from the left, jump to the apple, UR, LR(jump from the left edge), d, jump right, jump right, drop, drop right(nail the monster), drop left, jump up, UL, and you should be done with the level.
Level 5

All directions start fromn the lowest block.
a. UL, UL, drop down.
b. UR, UL, L, UL, UL, U, U, UR, jump to knock out monster if you didn't already. Drop right, drop left, drop right, jump up, juml UL, jump up, UL, L. U, U, U, U, U(time this so the monster is running away from you when you get to the top) and jump over the chutes to get the apple. Remember you can cover all the chutes without falling in but it requires some footwork. However, for now I'd recommend just getting the apples and killing the monsters and dropping down later. Whether or not you do mistakenly drop down, get on the moving platform, jump DR to get the monster, R, U, drop left, drop right, drop left, drop right.
c. UR, jump on moving platform, jump up to platform on the right side, UL, UL, U, U, L and back to the top. Go all the way left, drop right, drop left, drop right, and jump up. This last part may be finishable on your second trip, which would make things a lot easier.
Level 6

UR, UR, UR and beware of the trap door(wait 'til last), U, UR, R, L, U, get on platform, go to the far left, up the ladder, etc, get on the platform, U at the low platform to the left, UL, R, UR, drop right, UL, drop right, drop onto moving platform, go right. Clear the lower part out(avoid the monster above) and jump up again, uver the monster, and jump to get the apple. Jump back across to get rid of the monster, then jump back, L, L, and now I forget if you jump DR from the left edge or drop. But go back to the chute when the moving platform's under it, R, R. You're done.
Level 7

This is relatively pedantic, and what's even better is that there are few easy ways to die off the bat. I'd go for the bottom left first and the bottom right last, making sure to avoid the trap door. Other than that, the main task is to avoid falling off the down escalator(if you go to the top of the up escalator, you just fall to the next step with no damage!) You will probably miss a ledge a couple of times because you wind up on the one above it, but it is not fatal. Finally, a situation where imperfect timing isn't.
Level 8

I do not have a walkthrough for this level yet. HELP ME!!!! :)
Level 9

This may be one of the easiest. There are five platform levels--I would start at the bottom and work my way up so as to avoid monsters as I go down the slides. You can simply walk off the platform to the right and the small platform you are on will begin moving. It will stop when you jump so be sure to be close to the edge when you do. On or at the leftmost "squasher" at the bottom should be sufficient. Go left(being sure not to fall off) and jump. You'll get the apple and can knock out the monster pretty easily. You might even try to jump to take out the monster above, but one thing you will NEED to do is to cover all the territory to the right of the slide, jump, and touch the square to the left of the slide. Then your mission is accomplished, except for getting past the squashers.
For the squashers, the rule is this: 1)the leftmost one goes down first and 2)the other three go down before it goes down again. So if the leftmost goes down, sneak under it. If the next-leftmost goes down again, sneak under it. Regardless of how the next two go down you can get through--you may have to wait. If the next-rightmost goes down it may be a bit awkward, but if you wait your turn you shouldn't have a problem making it. You'll die if the squashers touch you.
Repeat this five times and be sure to cover all of the platforms on the right, and you are done!
Note: As a bit of a safety net if you fall off the bottom small moving platform you can still make it to the right. Just don't try it when you're higher up.
Level 10

This level is a nuisance and can require intricate planning. I believe the monsters move at different paces so **WHEN** you complete something can be important. First of all, you don't have any apples, so you'll have to jump over a lot of them. This is done by falling into the cannon, moving it left or right, and pressing jump to shoot yourself upwards. You can pick up TNT in denominations of 1, 2, and 3--how many levels up you go depends on the TNT you have, which is displayed on the left. More than three tons of TNT will cause you to hit the top of the screen and die. You can also miss a platform(which is bad) or touch a monster(as bad as usual,) so patience is a virtue here. In fact, you may even touch a monster on the level above where you wish to land. Caveat Cannonfodder.
The trickiest monster to get by is in the lower left. You'll need to fire yourself to the very right-hand side of it(always try to land as "inside" as possible) and inch over to the left so you have covered three units. Then inch back right to the edge, turn left, and jump. The timing here is very tough and you'll lose a few guys in the meantime. But once you get this, the others are a lot easier.
The second one I like to get is the monster in the middle left. I load up with a 2-bagger of TNT(you can jump from the ground) and up goes Bob in the cannon(which kindly resets its position) and be sure to time jumps so you don't touch the guy above. You also want to get to the left of the chute without stepping on it so you may have to jump a couple of times. And when you go down the slide, PLEASE be careful that you don't a)hit the monster on your level with your hat and b)hit the monster below. An ounce of patience....now you can clean up the 3rd level on the left pretty easily(just watch out on the slides down) and you are off to the right-hand side. Again, you'll need to time your jumps and blast-offs a bit, but each part is the same--jump over monster, jump to other side of the slide, go down the slide. The right is a bit easier since it is straight down and the monsters have more room to roam. On completion of this, you are rewarded with----THE RELATIVE EASE OF REPLAYING LEVEL 1! How unfair it is that they pulled this. You should get something cool for winning such a hard game, and while the journey is interesting, this is a low blow.
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