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This page contains links to pages regarding several classic Apple II games. It is currently undergoing a facelift, and I've got lots of information to add.
The very latest updates for my entire site are here, but most recently(4/10/2001) besides tinkering with this page and adding the oldies page I had fun making maps for the SSI mini-series of Wizard's Crown and Eternal Dagger. Another SSI game I've fiddled with is Rings of Zilfin, and I have initial maps created 5/9/2001 for the outside here, here, and here.

Ongoing: I want to try to make the page look a bit more presentable. If you have any ideas/gripes mail me here! I'm happy with all constructive criticism.

New ideas coming up: colorized reviews of old games.

As GameFAQs.com has done a wonderful job of organizing all the FAQs for my Apple(and other) games for me, I was not sure how best to re-organize my page. One thing I can do is to provide a link to the recognition page that CJayC(the proprietor of GameFAQs) has created. It will have the VERY recent stuff for when I'm unable to update, and besides, most of my documents are stored in Word 6 format, making them hard to read over the web. Hooray for automation, etc.!

I've decided to include special links for the classic game Oregon Trail. Many people love it because it was a game they couold play when they got finished with their computer programs. I have seen two amusing reviews, one here and another here. The parent sites are pretty neat too.
In other GameFAQs.com news, on 10/25/2000 I made it over 300 KB of reviews, which got me contributor recognition. On 10/26/2000 I was the 49th person to eclipse 1 MB, which got me recognized twice on the contributors' page. I'm quite pleased with all this.

I thought it would be cool to create a "thermometer" of projects that I want to complete. My first stab is below:
Game % done(in red) Comments
2400 A.D. Some stuff to clean up but no rush.
Centauri Alliance Put special squares on maps.
Championship Lode Runner
Lode Runner Walkthrough details
Might & Magic I Maps re-done, but documentation needs re-vamp
Might & Magic II Make sure links work
Miner 2049er Solved it all. I can probably touch up the HTML a bit.
Miner 2049er II Solved it all. I can probably touch up the HTML a bit.
Ultima V Done.
Other Apple games I have FAQ's for are: Aztec, BurgerTime, Canyon Climber(because I was BORED,) Conan: Hall of Volta, Copts 'n Robbers, Demon's Winter, Eternal Dagger, Hard Hat Mack, Lady Tut, Russki Duck, Shard of Spring, Snack Attack, Snake Byte, Star Blazer, Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego, and Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego. With more to come, hopefully.

Currently I am writing up a list of sites allowed to use my FAQs. I can't endorse them all, but I like to give some sort of credit.
Here is a list of my recommended favorite links:
I just mentioned gamefaqs.com so I'll drop a link to the main page. I may write a bit of an essay on how it got me writing FAQs in the first place.
vgstrategies.about.com and its sister site gamewinners.com run by Al Amaloo who features my work.
Theunderdogs.org is a marvelous resource for old games. They allowed me to use the 2400 AD manual, which helped my FAQ immensely.
Game Experts has a lot of classic game walkthroughs, too.
Some really neat maps here.
Killer List of Video Games, while it doesn't have a lot of Apple info, has a lot of video games that Apple games were knockoffs of. And if you have/had an Apple, that dates you, and you probably enjoyed some of these anyway :)

In Progress:

For the less scrupulous among us(err, you just want to learn about low-level stuff :) ), I have byte-hacking advice for all the games here, which is a bit out-of-date, alas:
2400 A.D. | Centauri Alliance | Dragon Wars | Lode Runner | Might & Magic I(not done yet) | Might & Magic II | (Other)
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****OLD STUFF****
The current status of my stuff for these games(as of 10/6/2000) is below: 1