To make this FAQ easier to type, I indicate (U or D) and/or (L or R) to indicate jumping or dropping through a sequence which is relatively self-explanatory. For instance, DL means to drop off to the left. UL means to jump to the platform above, and L means to jump to one to the left. I will elaborate when I feel there is significant possibility to make a mistake.
Level 1

In this level you will need to use the teleporters to your advantage(the white rectangles with blue and sometimes orange inside them.) You push down through a blue teleporter and will come up at an orange one. But first you will want to clear out the center of the board, which is not too bad--standard stuff from Miner 2049er.
U, UL, U, U, R, U, UR, L(above where you were two jumps ago), UL, U, U. Clear the upper part with the ladder and return to the base. D, D, L, D, D, DR(i.e. drop down to the right), UL, be careful of the slide, R(long broad jump, but you don't fall much, so you survive.) D to ground. Take the long stair up to get the food and knock out a monster. Now for the teleporters. They work in the following way in the chart below this paragraph: 1, 2, (3 or 4), (4 or 3), 5. So your path is pretty clear. When 1 turns orange, enter it by pushing down. Get the food and don't worry about covering all the squares as you can go back. When 2 turns orange, enter it and nail the monster. You should have time to clear all squares before 4 turns orange, but again, don't worry. You have plenty of time to retrace your steps for this level. When 5 turns orange entering it will kill the final monster. After this you can clean up 5 and retrace your steps over the places where teleporters 1, 2, and 4 are. Well, that wasn't **too** horrendous.
1 2
3 4
Level 2

This board is divided into three sub-levels. As you would expect, it's easiest to complete them top(where Bounty Bob starts, the first 2049er level where he starts on top) to bottom. You will fall through the conveyor belt if you are standing on it when the gap comes by. Each one moves back and forth. The key here is to time the conveyor belts so you fall down when you need to and stay on top when still need to complete the sub-level.
D, D(to conveyor,) U to leftmost lower platform, D, U to center lower platform. U, U(straight up, but the one to the left), U, D, D, U(right this time), R, U, D, D. Here you'll need to walk on your toes a bit. Get over the platform UL of the monster's. Drop down through the conveyor belt(dropping in on the monster will kill Bob from the fall.) Drop down and get the monster immediately. You can fill the squares in at your leisure, but if you don't get the monster you can't win the level. L, L, L, U, D, L, L, U, U, U to conveyor belt, D to where you entered before(this will require a few jumps. You might want to jump on a platform to be safe. It may be the trickiest part of the whole level.) D, R, D, D, D to conveyor. U to next-left LOW platform, U, D, U to next-left low platform, U, D, D, U to leftmost low platform, U, D, D, D to 2nd high platform from the left, L, D, D, U(very lowest platform,) R, R, U, DR, UR.
Level 3

Actually, there is nothing weird whatsoever about this level. But it sure is a pain in the neck. You should see how to clear the right side right away. Jump on a 1x2 platform and just jump straight up after nailing both squares. The main problem is to get by the monster, as you have no food. I like to clear the jump squares in four waves, from left to right. For the left two, you can sneak by the monster when he heads off to the right. For the right two, you will need to jump over the monster as he runs toward you. It's a good idea to jump earlier than seems necessary. Also at some point you will want to walk across the middle and top levels that contain the slide. Just because the middle level is hilly, don't panic. It's just like a flat level.
Level 4

For this level, you will have to control a mobile platform. It's a lot like the hydraulic pump in level 8 of the original, but IMO this is a whole lot more annoying. You steer with the arrow keys. In addition, there's a fuel gauge in the lower left corner. You need to remember that pushing an arrow will cause the platform to ACCELERATE and not move. There's a lot of latitude here, but you'll need to be a little careful with fuel(I've wound up with a quarter left.) However, first I recommend taking care of what you can. The platform up the ladder, then the lower right one. UL, UR, DL, D.
From here you can go in a counterclockwise direction. Park your platform next to the lowest of the stack of four platforms on the right. Clear that one, jump up, drop left onto the platform(be careful--you want the platform to OVERLAP and be JUST ABOVE or Bounty Bob will fall) and jump to the left and right. Move up a bit more, and repeat the process, only mirroring it and landing on the second of the stack of three platforms a bit off to the left. From there park your platform above the fourth platform in the stack and drop right onto that platform. UL, UL, UR, UR, D. Now fly just to the right and above where you could have made the third UL in a row. It's the lowest platform directly above the monster's. Drop left on it. UL, U, UR, UR, L, L, D. Go over to right of the 2nd-from-top of the five platforms on the left. Cover it, UR, UL, D, UR, D, D, UL, L. Go two platforms down, L, R, UL, DR. Go to the bottom and touch the lower platform to the right of it. L, R, R, U, DL. Then move over to the platform below the monster and cover it. Saving the monster for last means you'll only have to jump over him once. Approach on the left edge and try to cover as much to the left as you can before jumping. Once you jump over him, trace back so you've covered the area you've jumped over. Head right and you are done. If it doesn't work the first time there is a handy spot you can drop to off the right-hand side.
Level 5

In this level, the balloon goes down when Bounty Bob is in it. Jump out of it and it stays put. In this walkthrough you only need to use it once. However, there is an order to do things in. But overall this is not a bad level. It's not tedious enough to cause stupid mistakes and allows you to re-track. There aren't a lot of tricky jumps, either.
D, D, UL, DR, DR, DR, DR, L, U(don't get the bottle yet!), DL, R, DR, UR, UL, DL, L, R, R, R, UL, U, U, L gets you clear of the right side, except the bottom.
Jump on the ballon, and jump left almost immediately to land on the shelf. Don't worry about covering these platforms since the important thing here is to nail the monster. UL, UL, U, and jump right. Here it is a good idea to time things so you jump and touch the monster. If it is necessary to jump straight up while on a platform. You have a decent amount of time to spare but not too much. After clearing out the platforms with stairs, DR DL and circle back around for spots you may have missed. Then DR DL DR(from the left side) to get to where you started.
D, L, U, D, R and get the mug. Run to the left, jump onto the monster's platform, L, R, D and clean up the rest over on the left.
It's a nice touch that you need to take the item on the right to dispose of the monster on the left and vice versa. Although this may not be the toughest puzzle it has one of the more catchy solutions.
Level 6

Another relative break, despite one of the more violent ways for Bounty Bob to die--lethal lasers shoot out at three different latitudes at regular intervals, in the order top, middle, bottom. Those things on the side are what shoot the lasers. You will need to circle up, right and over four times. Note that you cannot climb up the right ladder--the very bottom part is missing. It doesn't matter, though.
The first part is pretty obvious--go right and get the monster and the goodies. My recommended order is to jump across the bottom set of platforms first. Jump at the right edge of each, except for the one in the center. Jump right from a bit left of center and you'll make it to the next one. Then another jump, go down, and around. Now I will give the solution for the second level, which applies to the third. If you feel the laser is about to show up on the second level, wait on the first level having jumped up once from the main left platform. After the laser disappears you will have a lot of time to clear the second. To clear the top level use a similar waiting technique, but you can jump up freely and clear the level without a sweat. But when you're on the right side do wait for any lasers below you to fire completely.
Level 7

Woo, this looks nasty at first. When you see that the bricks disappear when you walk from one side of them to the other you can assume there's a pattern as to the order you walk over the bricks.
L, DR, DL, DR, UR, UR, UL will bring you back to the original. To get to that pesky final platform repeat the instructions until before UL, go right on the platform, and UL, then U will clear the first area. Run across the bricks.
DL and don't run across the bricks yet. R, R, R, U, L, L, L clears this area up, and from there run across the bricks and zigzag down. Evading the monster here is quite tough, but remember that the bricks don't disappear until you've gotten to the other side. So when the monster shuffles off to the left, you can clear a lot of the right side. He'll come back right. Step on the bricks a bit, jump left and up and back on the platform. Try to do the same for the right-hand side but note that you will probably have to jump over the monster. Time things in advanced and prepare to have to do it twice.
DL. R. D. U. U. DR. L. U. R. U. U. UL. UL. L. R. UR. UR. Everything should be covered.
Level 8

Time is not of the essence here, but having to wait around may adversely affect your performance. Just remember when jumping into any of the buckets that you will have to anticipate where they will be, and this level is very do-able. The toughest part is nailing the two monsters in one blow. D, D, and jump into the bucket. Jump left onto the slope, back to the pulley, and then left to the platform(2 wide) above the slope. DL, UL, U, U, U, DR, get in the bucket. From the leftmost part of the bucket, jump right so you're just next to the food. Wait until you will be able to jump in the middle bucket, jump right, and jump right again to take out the monster. Then jump to the far right bucket, jump right and drop all the way down to get the other monster. There should be enough time to do this, but if not, you're stuck. To clear the right-hand part of the board, take the right bucket to the top and jump right to the second-top platform. U and then D all the way(you won't die if you drop) works. The middle platforms will require a couple of passes. Jump on the bottom one from the right bucket and jump up twice. Then jump in a bucket, go up a bit, and jump on the second-top one. Jump up to the top, and you've covered everything.
Level 9

In this level, the water rises pretty quickly. If it touches you, you die. It in fact fills up to just over the platform where you pick up the wrench. Speed is of the essence immediately, and you'll need it to wipe out the top monster and make your life a lot easier. This is a tough level(as they go) and one of the better ones designed. Even the graphics are above average.
DL(DON'T clear all of this platform. Go left immediately,) D, D, U, L, L, D, U, U, (after this, if you haven't cleared out the entire lower part, you're cooked) U, R, U, R will take out the first monster. If you don't clear the last few out you'll have a tricky jump from just left of the bricks to get to the hard-to-reach ares. But with the critical parts cleared, now you'll sweep back across the board to get the second. From the center, R(you should get the food), R, UR, L from the edge will take out the monster. L, U, L, U, jump should do the trick. Don't worry about clearing everything since with the monster out of the way you can circle around again. From now on you should walk over all of each platform.
R, R, DL, R should mean you've touched all platforms beneath the top few, and if there are any you haven't gone over completely, do so. Then go back up to the top large platform. U, U, R, R, R, L, L, UL, DR, UL, L will take care of this level.
Level 10

There are two booths here. The one in the lower left will lower a beam onto the pile. The one in the upper right will automatically make a new beam if you have left the magnet high enough. So the basic idea for this level is to go to the lower left, push up/down, go upper right, back down, up, etc. After you place four beams, you can jump onto the beams and to the lower left platform in the beam area. You can also kill off the monster to the right and likely the two on the ground, since you can drop quickly and safely. Four more beams and you can clear the upper left, and your quest will be complete. As in the original, your reward is the less daunting and pedantic level 1. Heh.
So how is this done? I'll take you through the first iteration. You can eliminate part of it on each subsequent set of jumps once app platforms are covered. As for the monsters at the bottom, they tend to move back and forth in a pattern which might as well be quasi-random. It's enough to know that they won't double-reverse quickly, which means you can easily calculate when to jump over them. But confusing the issue are several annoying one-square platforms. At least missing them doesn't always kill you.
At the far right, jump UP. Then L, L, UL, UR(from the left edge,) R, L, UR, DR, L, U, R(from the left edge), U, U, UL, DR and then go up to the booth. To get down, DL, DR, DR, DL will do the trick. There is one other tricky jump after the fourth beam is placed. You'll want to wait at the right edge of the lower right long platform. Jump left over the monster and jump left again. You should wind up on the beams. From there, just don't go too far right on the left beam when you jump back or all your hard work will be undone. From there a simple DL DR DR DL as above will lead you to the monsters, who are still blue. Run to the left and you have time to mop them up. As for bonus time, don't worry about it. I finished with 2:40 even with a lot of time.
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