Maps for Dragon Wars

Although I *could* lump together a bunch of screen shots, these graphics are intended to download quickly and still be accurate--they also may give spoilers, so beware. I've also posted a sort of FAQ to this page on GameFAQs that does a fair job of pointing out details. It is being updated, though! [Wyvern's walkthrough on the GameFAQs page is quite good, and it has more general stuff.]

I've received some mail about how to run the game on an Apple emulator. It's not 100% straightforward. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I gave out bad advice thinking the DSK files on asimov would work as downloaded. First, you find the disk images in this folder on Asimov. Then you download em2emu. Use em2emu on all the files(i.e. em2emu wars1.dsk wars1.nib) and you are ready to go!

Most recent update: (4/18/2001) ADDED THE NISIR. ALL MAPS ARE POSTED, but Nisir and Purgatory are a bit inaccurate. Hope you enjoy these, even if the color palette is off.

Maps(alphabetical order):
Bridge(1-to main isle) Bridge(2-to Lansk) Bridge(3-Quag) Bridge of Exiles
Byzan Dungeon Byzanople Dragon Valley Dwarf Clan Hall
Dwarf Ruins Freeport Game Preserves Kingshome
Kingshome Dungeon Lanac'Toor's laboratory Lansk Lansk Underground
Magic College Mines Mud Toad Mystic Wood
Necropolis Old Dock Phoeban Dungeon Phoebus
Pilgrim Dock Salvation Scorpion Bridge Siege Camp
Slave Camp Slave Estate Smugglers' Cove Snake Pit
Sunken Ruins Sunken Ruins(under) Tars Ruins Tars Underground
Major maps
Dilmun Magan Underworld
Nisir Purgatory

Disclaimer: this page is not endorsed by Interplay in any way. Graphics and text herein are Andrew Schultz 2000-2001 unless otherwise noted. Dragon Wars is a trademark of Interplay. Altered game pieces may be disqualified at the judges' discretion. The judges' decision is final. And yes, kids, spamming is wrong even if it's capitalized correctly. And don't pull out bottle-caps with your teeth, either.
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