Help on Emulation

The table below contains instructions on how to upload an Apple emulator, along with some useful features and tips. I use ApplePC because it is the first one that worked for me, so I can't really comment on the others.
Apple Emulator advice
1. Get the Apple executable, with the Apple roms. Unzip them all to one directory. a. is the file to download here.
b. The Apple page of Zophar's Domain. Be sure to pick up the ROMs as well, as unlike on Asimov they are not in the zip file with the emulator.
You'll also need an executable that unzips files, and one that uses GZIP is even better since many files on Asimov are in GZ form(popular on UNIX.) WinZip is good for this as is PKZip.
2. Get disk image files to run on the executable. Some games
Incoming games
3. Run the executable.
Useful Commands
F3 toggles between white and the infamous "green screen" pseudo-color. F4 toggles the color. It took me a while to figure this out.
F10 gets you to a command menu where you can set options. Some of the more useful choices are below:
  • D sets the disk image files to put in the "disk drives"
  • W sets the delay. For 233 MHz as I have at home 0080 seems to approximate real speed. You may want faster(so disk isn't loading forever) or slower speed(slower allowed me to cheat heinously on Apple Decathlon!)
  • N changes sound mode("sound off" seems to be the most useful here!)
  • J changes joystick options. A lot of games will accept use of the number pad on the left with 8264 being NSEW. This corresponds to "quantized keyboard."
Another useful tip is that Ctrl-Alt-Break is the same as ctrl-open apple-reset, or a soft boot.
The executable's name is APPLE.EXE and you can run it from the command prompt. I plan to set up screen shots later.

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