Here's the first installment of Forgotten Apple Games. I'll be looking at some that don't really have enough meat in them to merit a serious review--maybe they're just files that were whipped up quickly. If you can emulate these games--you are AWESOME. Please?! :)


In this game, you are captured by the Octos empire. You are made to fight some rather dumb warriors--knock off eight and you'll survive. But they have cool names like RILF-BIMA and INDY-PAPA. At first, it seems pretty easy. You are in an octagonal arena where there are stones you can trip over as well. You get 4 moves in combat(attack, defend, or run) and your opponent gets one less. The second round, you get five moves. The next round, you face two of 'em. The basic premise is to get them to run at you, trip each other, and run back. You can also run away and make them trip over stones chasing you, as hand-to-hand combat will get you nailed quickly. I was never able to win this on the standard level, but maybe with an emulator and save states, it wouldn't be too bad. At the end, after you lost, the game printed a profanity with the appropriate accompanying noise. It was about a 16k BIN file, but I wasn't able to find it on any disks at Asimov.
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