Might and Magic I Maps--Third Draft
These maps should be pretty accurate. They were produced automatically on 8/4/2000 and redone 2/5/2001. This was done largely as an intellectual exercise, but eventually it should be mostly accurate, and I want to do the best I can to ensure it is so.. The process used in creating these maps will allow me to create Might and Magic II maps rather quickly as well.
Rough key: if you see a solid line, that means that that direction is impassable. A solid line with two notches indicates that the direction is passable, or that it is a secret door. For instance, in the desert, you'll see a lot of such orange lines. I wanted to distinguish the desert from just plain open spaces. Similar comments hold for water. One-way passages should be indicated with arrows, and doors should be indicated pretty clearly as well. There are some variations in walls--walls with torches are black/red. But in any case a line without any white spaces means that you cannot go through it without etherealize. Also, I have indicated "special" squares with a colored letter/number. This could mean anything from a random encounter to a shop to a clue. Eventually I will change this so that the map is more specific.
Dusk | Under Dusk
Erliquin | Under Erliquin
Portsmouth | Under Portsmouth
Sorpigal | Under Sorpigal
Outside Areas
a1 | b1 | c1 | d1 | e1
a2 | b2 | c2 | d2 | e2
a3 | b3 | c3 | d3 | e3
a4 | b4 | c4 | d4 | e4
1 level dungeons
B3 Ranalou's Lair
D3 Polyhedron
B2 Basilisk's
B4 Volcano God
C2 Wizard's Cave
Soul Maze
E3 Astral Plane
Dragadune 1 2 3 4
Blackridge N
Blackridge S
Castle Wolf
2+ level dungeons
E4 City of Gold 1 2 3 4
B1 Wizard's Lair 1 2
B2 Raven's Lair 1 2
B3 Minotaur's 1 2
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