New Magincia

New Magincia is a island to the north of Terfin (The one that is almost in the middle of your map.) Alagener's house is almost on the top of the island. Talk to him and ask him for his notebook. He will tell you that you must get the answer to the questions of life and death from the Tortured One on Skara Brae. Now would be a good time to buy a seance spell. On to Skara Brae.

To Skara Brae ->

Go back to the mainland and get to the begining of the road to Yew (going from Britain.) Follow the road. Somewere along the way there will be a fork in the road. Follow the one that is going generally south. The path should get thinner and thinner. Eventually you should start seeing water on the left side of the screen. Now and then you might be able to see large stone pillars in the water. After that you should see a little Blue Moongate. Soon after that you will see what looks like a dock . Go over to the dock.(blow the horn if there isn't a boat there.) Cast a Seance spell and then talk to the hooded figure. Ask him about his job. and then ask him everything else untill he says something about paying. There should now be a chance to ask him about "Pay." Ask him. Say yes to the question of weather to pay him or not. He will tell you to get abord. don't do anything. The NPC's should get on by themselves. He will take you accross the sound. Now why are we here. We are here to get the answer's of life and death from the Tortured One. Let's go.

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