Welcome to Moonglow, an island to the south-east of Vesper. Once you get here talk to Rankin the Fellowship branch leader here in Moonglow. Ask him (as usual) where Eliz. and Abe. are now. Remember Penumbra the mage from your last adventure in Britainia. She has been asleep for the last 200 years. Her house is on the northern-most point on the island. Find her house (it is the house with the gold sign on the ground in front of it.) You will need to get the items on this page and then follow the directions given on it. Now that the door is unlocked go in and use an awakin potion on her or cast the awakin spell on her. Now that she is awake talk to her and ask about the ether waves and she will ask you if you know of anything that can block them. Say yes to her and she will ask what it is tell her it is blackrock and she will ask you to put it on the four pedistals around her bed (how handy that they just happened to be there.) Put the blackrock pieces that I told you to get in Cove on the pedistals and then talk to her again. Ask her random questions until you see something about a tetrihedron and then ask her about it. She will tell you that you need the etherel ring to get in. From here you can as usual do whatever you want. Now Eliz. and Abe. went to Terfin, and Penumbra told you the etheral ring was on Terfin so I guesss we are going to Terfin.

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