If you are starting a new game then you will begin seeing Iolo and the stablemaster talking to each other. Right in the middle of thier conversation a red moongate will appearand you will see yourself appear coming through it. After you are all the way through Iolo will look up and see you. He will explain what is happening and then join you. If you stand still the mayor will walk up to you and ask you to investigate the murder. Say yes to him. He will then ask you if you have looked in the stables. Tell him you have'nt and then say bye. After he walks away go into the large brown building just north of you (with the metal horse sign next to it. You should see a body being pinned down with a candle in each of the arms and legs. Pick up the key to the left of the body. If you want you can go up to the gargoyles room and look arround but you don't need to. The only thing that I found of use was the stuff in the bag. the gargoyle isnt carying anything so don't bother searching him. Go back out the way you came and go west into the Fellowship building. Talk to the guy with the hood over his head. Ask him about the murdur and then mention Christopher to him. Ask him about the argument and then about his companions. You now know of the mysterious and for that matter dangerous Eliz. and Abe ask him about them. (I will call them by this from now on.) Go back out of the building and follow the path north until you come to the first intersection. From this three way intersection follow the north path past a long building that should have a trainer in it. Just past the building is a path going west, follow it. Go into the two story house and talk to the little boy, ask him about the murdur he will say he saw something. Ask him about the "something" he saw and keep basking him things untill he mentions a man. Ask him about the man, and then the hook and he will ask if he can join you, say yes because he is going to be a good fighter. Go upstairs. Use the key from the murder site on the chest and look inside. Take the gold and give it to Iolo. While you are in this position drop any cups that you have (they are useless and they take up space.) Look at the scroll(what else was in the chest? Do you think that they could be connected?.) go back to the intersection just north of the fellowship building. This time go west. Go past the building with the pedistal in front of its door to the next intersection and go west into the healers building. Talk to the guard. Mention the murder to him and then mention knocked, he will say something about the Crown Jewel, ask him about it and he will mention his attackers, ask him about them and then leave. (A little note: no one gets mad st you if you take things from them and put them directly into your inventory. But do not just use it it needs to have been in your inventory or in one of your followers inventories.) Go to the building with the pedistal in front of it and then go in. The mayor should be at a desk in that building. Talk to him. Ask him about the murdur and then click on report. (I will try to give you the answers to the questions but I may of forgoten some of them. If I do forget, just give the answer that best fits the facts.) Did you search the stables?: Yes. What did you find?: Key. What did it go to?: Chest. Dost thou have a suspect?: Yes. What does this villen look like?: Hook. Any leads on finding the suspect?: Crown Jewel. Dost thou need the password?: Yes. (The answeres to the location questions can be found at Now that you have the password skip Paws and go to Britain.

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