Empath Abby (Yew)

Empath Abby is in Yew. Yew can be gotten to through the path to the west from Britain. Find Taylor the monk and keep asking him atings untill he says something about "Wisps." ask him about them and he will say that the "emps" cam talk to them. But you also need honey to talk to them. If you want you can ask him for the smoke bomb (I recomend it.) The Bee Cave is near to Teseramed's house (I am not sure on the name but he will join you and he is an excellent archer with a longbow and he makes special arrows that poisen and put to sleep but he has alimited supply. If anyone knows how to get him to make more please tell me so I can add it to this. I will also give you credit for it.) Go on into the Bee Cave and don't attack any of the bees because they won't attack you unless you steal any honey. Go into the deeper areas of the cave and find some honey. I recomend that you get a lot because you are going to need it. Use the smoke bomb if you get in trouble. Now go find the emps at 61 North and 12 East.

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