Here are some files you could use....

Ultima 2

Ultima 2 Patch This is just another patch. Written by Moonstone Dragon.

Ultima 6

Ultima 6 Character editor This file will edit your character to the way you want it. Written by Rescue Raider.

Ultima 7

Ultima 7 Patch It's gotta be good. It's a patch. Have'nt tried it though. Written by anonamouse.
Ultima 7 Light Cheat THE LIGHT... written by Nelno the Amoeba.
Ultima 7 Save File Totally cool. Also has a cool teleport map. Saved by anonamous.

Ultima 8

Ultima 8 Cheat File Awsome Cheat File. Tons o' Goodies. Written by Stix.
Ultima 8 Character Editor Allows you to change the intelligence, dexterity etc. to what you wish.
Ultima 8 patch Makes jumping less dangerous, creates hotkeys to bedroll, keyring, recall device etc.
Ultima 8 Picture Saver Allows you to save pictures to .bmp files from ultima 8.
Changes Flags in Ultima 8 I don't know what it does, but I do know you need the cheat file to make it work. Ultima 8 cheat extension. This file adds the commands create, destroy, give, take and contents to the Ultima 8 Cheat file.
If you are interested in Ultima 8 I have a section totaly devoted to it.

Ultima Underworld I and II

Ultima Underworld Character Editor This file allows you to change all the attributes to whatever level you like.
Ultima Underworld Cheat Good fun. Lots o' mana, lots o' hit points and more. Written by Nelno the Amoeba.
Ultima Underworld 2 Character editor This file edits you character to suit you. Good fun. Written by Robin.

Universal Game Editor

The Universal Game Editor allows you to edit every Ultima game you want, but you need the cheat files. Although this file is shareware it is not criplled in any way.
Got any more goodies for me? E-mail 'em all to me. I guarentee they'll be up there with your name and the author.
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