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The Great Beast of Arelle


Once, not so long ago, I was musing about these dreary halls noticing how everything is old, and that I hadn't fulfilled much of the potential of this place. Ah, such is the life of a Webpage Editor, hollow promises are the order of the day! I was pondering new chains, skulls, and the like, when I heard a most mysteriously foul and wretched sound echoing toward me. It was not alike a growl, or a scream, or a hiss, or a grumble, but rather a demonic confluence of them all. I spun on my heels to face the source of it, but even then the wicked beast fell swiftly upon me. It was the Great Beast of Arelle (RL in some dialects), visiting itself upon this place, well past due some might say.

All at once it began with shrieking curses and blasphemy howling inaudibly at me. It uttered dastardly things about my education, cowardly things about my career, hideous things about Ultima, and most devious things about my mother. At this, I could take no more.

I drew upon my greatest spells and fought the Beast back from me. I pressed still, driving it back inch by inch. First we did battle in the Hall of Indices, then in the Files, and finally here, in this very spot of Kaleb's Tales. I did battle with the horrific monster for many days, and it took a great toll on my abilities. In the end, I managed to defeat it, albeit temporarily, and banish it from this place.

Soon, though, it became quite clear that the Beast would return. It would continue to haunt me in my endeavors here unless further battle was waged. So, gathering my resources, I set out for the Great Beast's own realm, where I could defeat it on its own soil, and hopefully rid myself of its evils for all eternity.

So, it is this short tale, I leave here for thee traveler, as a record of what transpired and where I have gone. I invite you to make thyself at home, and enjoy these halls as I have made them, and value them even now as I protect them in a fearful and terrible realm. I will return, you have my word, but when, who can say? Time is a fragile thing, and it is quite likely that it passes differently in the alter-realm of the Beast than it does here. So, I pray thee, bid me well and have patience.

Kaleb Dragon, 1-29-99

*In other words, that's a fancy way of saying that I'm too busy in real life to maintain my presence on the web at the moment. My humblest apologies to anyone who actually cares what happens around here. If you cared all that much, you send an email though, wouldn't you? I didn't think so.

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