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2/22/2002: Part Four of Shadow of Light Dragon's "The Black Ankh" is up.

A belated Happy New Year! "A Journey to Britannia", by Lord Sergorn, has been uploaded to the library.

It's been over two months since my last update, as the only fanfic I'm working on is, of course, the immensely long Valoria: Tome Three. However, Shadow of Light Dragon's "The Black Ankh" has once again been updated with a new chapter.

Part Three and the second Interlude of "The Black Ankh", by Shadow of Light Dragon have been uploaded to the library.

A new fanfic by me, "Lazarus' Redemption Prophecy: A Legend is Reborn with the Dawn of Elijah's Great Balls of Fire". This a work of parody dealing with the various gazillion Ultima remakes currently in development (over half of which are using Dungeon Siege), not to mention a lot of Horizons in-jokes. (Special thanks to Ymochel and Jaakko Peltonen for giving me the idea.)

Another new link added. This is one I *REALLY* reccomend you check out. ;)

An extraordinarily minor update today: Two new links added, plus several broken links taken down.

Some minor changes with this new update, no new fanfics. The Black Ankh has now been uploaded to the library, meaning you get to see the dumb wallpaper when you read it. ;) Secondly, some new questions have been added to the quiz, replacing that dumb trick question. Don't expect any new fanfics from me for a while, though I'll still be around making cosmetic changes here and there to the site. Any opinions or suggestions would be welcome.

Here it is, the Black Ankh, by the famous Shadow of Light Dragon, author of the famous Dark Realm. For now, it's an external link, but eventually I might upload it to my own site. It's not completed yet, but damn is it impressive, so be sure to check it out. ;)

Well, it's been quite a while, but I'm back at last with another update! :) This time, I've got "The Lord of Fire", by me, uploaded at the library. It's the start of a new series of Ultima fanfics that I'll be going into once I finish Valoria (or, at least, Valoria: Tome Three) that revolves around UW2, or at least, events related to UW2. In other news, I expect to have another new fanfic uploaded in a few days, this one not by me, but ironically also a UW2-related fanfic. But for now, enjoy this! :)

"Gwenno's Return", by BloodyCats, has been uploaded to the library. Be sure to send her your comments! :)

It's been a while since the last update, eh? I've been taking a break from writing, but I still have plenty of ideas and Ultima-related projects that will eventually see the light of day (including, of course, Valoria: Tome Three, but don't expect that one for a *long* time). Anyhow, Chapter Five of "Ultima IX: Good Vs. Evil" by Avatar673 is out and available for your reading at the library. Enjoy! :)

It's been another longish stretch, but once again I'm back with another fanfic. "Ultima: The Lost Soul" (by me) has been uploaded to the library. Those of you who think Valoria is long and boring (and I know there's plenty of you out there ;) ) may want to check this out, as Lost Soul is shorter and more adventurous in tone, focusing on the Avatar and co. as they embark on a new quest.

No new fanfics with this update, but a new webpage has been added to the links section.

Ack! I'm not sure what happened, but three fanfics (Mortegro, Legacy, and the U9 Script) had suddenly gone dead for gods knows how long. This problem has been corrected and these fanfics are accessable once more. If you notice any further problems with accessing pages here, please contact me immediately.

Well, this is a big big *BIG* update. First of all, two new links have been added to the links page, both of which you should definitely check out. Secondly, and most importantly, Valoria: Tome Two is complete!!!! Like Tome One, however, it is well over a hundred pages long, and thus I cannot convert it into .htm (at least, not without the long and arduous process with which I had to converted Tome One). All the same, other than the plain white background, there's nothing wrong with simply reading the .doc version, which is what I've uploaded. Check the Horizons Tavern for a very long post on my experiences and troubles of writing Tome Two. :)

Happy New Year! Whether you think the millenium starts in 2000 or 2001, at least we aren't disputing that it's another year coming to pass and still we haven't faced nuclear annihilation, which is always a good thing. ;) Anyhow, Part IV of "Ultima IX: Good Vs Evil" has been written by Avatar673 (Note the new e-mail) and uploaded to the library. Avatus the Paladin has also made several corrections to his fanfic "The Beginning", most notably changing the Orb of the Moons which William finds to the Serpent Amulet. And for the record, as I can't get through one of these entries without mentioning the bloody thing, Valoria: Tome Two is progressing nicely... :)

Ack, sorry about the lack of updates. I'd been hoping my busy life would become less busy, and, well, it hasn't. :) Anyhow, I've now got a new e-mail address, which has now replaced the old one on the library and main page. From now on, e-mail me at peters-j@pacbell.net. Do *NOT* send messages to my old earthlink account any more. Thank you. :)

Well, tis been over a month since my last update. Currently my life is being dominated by UDUO (see links section) and the U9 dialogue patch, so I haven't had much time to write. Fortunately, Avatus the Paladin has come to the rescue, with the frist bit of the "Amulet of Justice", an intriguing fanfic set in an alternate Britannia. In other news, expect a new fanfic from myself to be uploaded in a few days, though it won't be Valoria: Tome Two just yet. :P

Sorry about the, ahm, rather brief update yesterday. I was rather busy and didn't have time to do everything I was going to. Anyhow, the counter has been reset (and mysteriously gone up to over 800 hits already), and not one, but TWO new stories have been uploaded today, both by Avatus the Paladin. The first is part II of "The Beginning", a tale of how Lord British first came to Sosaria, and the second is "Ultima: Rumble in Britannia", another classic U9 parody. Be sure to check them out at the library!

The Lair of the Evil_Freak has now existed for a full year since its creation! :)

A rather minor update today, with another new link, plus easier acces to the Valoria.doc from the Library page.

"The Pits of Carnage", by Grandor Dragon (and edited by Maigo Dragon) has been uploaded to the library. For those of you who visit many of the Ultima communities on the web, you may have heard of Grandor before as the author of the not-yet-released Dialogue Patch for Ultima IX, due out at the end of the month.

A third part of "Ultima IX: Good Vs Evil" has been written by Avatar673 and uploaded to the library. As you'll see, the plot is definitely beginning to thicken... :)

At the suggestion of a to-be-left-unnamed Horizons regular, I've decided to upload the original .doc version of Valoria so that it can be easily printed out and read like a novel. Check it out here. In other news, I've revamped the links section a bit more and added several more URLs. Valoria: Tome Two is progressing nicely, though it won't be finished anytime soon.

Whew! Sorry about the lack of updates this past month. Things've been pretty uneventful, and sadly I've still got no new fanfics. However, I'm a good chunk into Tome Two of Valoria, and with any luck I'll get it out in not too long.

The second part of "Ultima IX: Good Vs Evil" is done! From the pace with which Avatar673 is getting these out, I'd reccomend checking here regularly in the next few days.

Another fanfic, this one not by me! Check out the first chapter of "Ultima IX: Good Vs Evil", by Avatar673. Though this certainly isn't the first Ultima IX remake as a work of fanfiction on the web (I'm certain you all know what is :P), A673 came up with the idea on his own, and many of the threads weaved at the beginning of this story definitely show promise for another classic worthy of concluding the Trilogy of Trilogies.

Yep, something new from me again! Check out the Tale of Bimfulty the Sosarian Viking, my latest work of Ultima humour.

There's only one word that can describe this update: Valoria. Yes, after all these months I've finally finished the first chunk of the sequel to Ultima IX. It's still hard for the thought to cross my mind that I'm actually done, but I'm already quite estatic. Ah well, onto Tome Two! :)

First, I'd like to apoligize for the lack of updates. I've been busy with Valoria this past month, but I'm happy to say that it's essentially finished. Unfortunately, due to the massive size I'm having some severe problems converting it to .htm and formatting it, but I'll get it up within days. In other news, a new chapter of Shane's Tale has been written, as always by Programmer Dragon. Be sure to check it out. :)

Yes!!!!! At last, a new fanfic for the page! Go to the library and check out "The Beginning" by Avatus. It's still pretty early on, but appears impressive nonetheless so far. :) And what about me? Well, I'm still bursting with ideas and continuing writing Valoria. The first part'll probably be out before the end of the month, and I can assure you that I think it'll be worth the wait. :)

: Ah, I appear to be getting back into the spirit of nice, quick updates every few days! :) Anyways, this site has now become part of the new Ring of Ultima Fanfiction, as you can see at the bottom of the main page. This site is currently only the second on the entire ring, but I expect it to grow quickly! :)

00: As you no doubt noticed, I've been stealing a few more images and sticking them around here. :) Still no more fanfics, though I must say I'm pretty optimistic I'll be able to get the first part of Valoria done and uploaded before the end of next month. Bah, yes, I know there aren't being many updates as of late, but once I get Valoria done I swear I'll start doing some more stuff. Really. "Until Britannia doth sink into the very sea itself, I shalt remain here, a scribe of the realm!" -Miscelaneous quote I made up off the top of my head. :)

00: Dang, tis been a while. Sadly, I have no new stories. In fact I have no new anything. :( While I'm personally working on a LOT (and I mean a lot) of different Ultima Fanfic-related projects, none of them will be done anytime soon. Of course, from the beginning I intended this page to not just be MY stories, but YOUR stories as well. I don't want this page to solely be thought of as "Evil_Freak's Ultima Fanfics", I want it to be another page like the Dragon Press with stories from everyone! :) So, if you're reading this and you're a big Ultima fan, tell all the other big Ultima fans you know about this page. And eventually some other fanfic writers will come along to contribute their ideas as well. :) Bah, I'm babbling again. Anyways, my three major projects currently are: 1. Valoria, plodding on as ever (I wouldn't be surprised if this takes me over a year to write). 2. The Fall of Britannia, a prequel to Ultima IX and And Never to be Reclaimed, which shall show the events that led up to the Guardian's invasion of Britannia. 3. Another massive revision of Ultima IX, with more spelling corrections, a few more explanations and corrections on inaccuracies pointed out by readers, plus the battle in Book Fifteen will be COMPLETELY REWRITTEN, since I feel it was boring, predictable, and anti-climactic compared to earlier battles. Farewell 'til the next update! :)

/2000: As the news page was getting too big, I decided to start over. Don't worry, you can still see the old news on the link below. Anyway, I've got a new story called "Ascension: The Way it Really Went" by HK Dragon. What really makes this story special for me is that it's the first story submitted to me by someone else that I DIDN'T find first and beg and grovel to get it on the page! Ah, the times art changing for the Lair of the Evil_Freak! :))) I've finished the timeline of Valoria and I'm beginning the actual story. It might be a LONG time before you see it, but I swear that I will eventually get it here on this page.

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