Dictionary of the Old Tongue

"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain."

This page, when complete, will be a reference of all the ultra-obscure words in the books of The Wheel of Time. Not just words of the Old Tongue, but also Aiel terms (which, I suspect, are derived from the Old Tongue anyway), the few Trolloc words we know, and anything else I come across.

The list will be as follows:
A-Z Old Tongue terms guide
Phrases in the Old Tongue
Trolloc terms

Note 1: Parenthetical defenitions are given for those words which have no direct translation. For words with translations, only that translation is given.
Note 2: Aiel terms will be included within the Old Tongue listing, but will be noted as Aiel terms if used exclusively as such. The same goes for Seanchan terms, also derived from the Old Tongue.
Note 3: Some terms listed are not explicitly defined, but derived from usage in phrases. For example, "Caldazar", the Red Eagle of Manetheren, and "Far Aldazar Din", the Brothers of the Eagle, lead to 'dazar' meaning 'eagle'.

Old Tongue A-Z Glossary

a'dam (Seanchan) - (The Leash which leashes the damane)

a'vron - watchers

aan'allein - One Man; The Man Who Is an Entire People

Aes Sedai - Servants of All

Aethan Dor (Aiel) - Red Shields

Aiel - Dedicated (suggests extreme emphasis)

ajah (old definition) - "an informal and temporary group of people gathered together for a common purpose or goal, or by a common set of beliefs"
This definition was changed early in the Third Age to "a sisterhood of Aes Sedai", the definition which holds to the present day

Al'Cair Dal - The Golden Bowl

Al'cair'rahienallen - Hill of the Golden Dawn

alantin - brother

aldieb - westwind

algai'd'siswai (Aiel) - spear fighters

angreal - (an instrument from the Age of Legends used to augment the amount of the One Power a channeler can draw upon)

aran'gar - right-hand sha'je dagger

asha'man - guardian; defender of a hopeless cause

ashandarei - (Mat Cauthon's sword-spear)

atha'an - people (used when referring to a people, a nationality, rather than generically referring to any group of people)

Atha'an Miere - The Sea Folk

avende - tree

Avendesora - the Tree of Life

Avendoraldera - (the seedling of Avendesora)

Baijan'm'hael - Attack Leader

Be'lal - The Envious

cadin'sor (Aiel) - workclothes (eventually came to mean the standard Aiel clothing)

cair - gold; golden

cal - red

Caldazar - the Red Eagle of Manetheren

calichniye - welcome

car (Aiel) - chief

car'a'carn (Aiel) - Chief of Chiefs

Cha Faile - The Falcon's Talon

chalinda - sweet girl

Cor Darei (Aiel) - Night Spears

Corenne (Seanchan) - The Return

cour'souvra - mindtrap

covale (Seanchan) - property (usu. short for da'covale)

cuendillar - heartstone

Cyndane - Last Chance

da'covale (Seanchan) - Those Who Are Property

Da'shain Aiel - (original name for the Aiel; defenition of da'shain largely unknown, but 'shain (as in gai'shain) implies "sworn to peace".)

da'tsang (Aiel) - despised one

Daes Dae'mar - The Great Game; the Game of Houses

Dai Shan - Diademed Battle Lord; Lord

daien - (some dance known in the Age of Legends)

daishar - glory

damane (Seanchan) - Leashed One

-dar - suffix denoting female aspects

darei - spear

dazar - eagle

der- (Seanchan) - prefix denoting mastery (der'sul'dam = master sul'dam)

-din - suffix denoting male aspects

Diynen'd'ma'purvene - Sounder of the Horn (of Valere)

Do Miere A'vron - The Watchers Over the Waves

dovienya - luck

Duadhe Madhi'in (Aiel) - Water Seekers

Ellisande - Rose of the Sun (Eldrene, Last Queen of Manetheren)

faile - falcon

Far Aldazar Din (Aiel) - Brothers of the Eagle

Far Dareis Mai (Aiel) - Maidens of the Spear

gai- - prefix denoting battle

gai'shain (Aiel) - Those sworn to peace in battle

Gaidin - Brother to Battles

Hailene (Seanchan) - Those Who Come Before; Forerunners

Hama N'dore (Aiel) - Mountain Dancers

har - hand

hei - always

Ishamael - Betrayer of Hope

jeade'en - true finder

jenn - true (as a modifier (see Jenn Aiel); suggests extreme emphasis)

Jenn Aiel (Aiel) - The Only True Aiel

ji (Aiel) - honor

ji'e'toh (Aiel) - honor and obligation/duty

jumara - (Age of Legends name for the Shadowspawn now known as Worms)

Kiseran - Builder

Lanfear - Daughter of the Night

los - forward (as a military command)

M'Hael - leader

Machin Shin - The Black Wind

mael - hope

mahdi - seeker

mandarb - blade

Manetheren - The Mountain Home

Manetherendrelle - Waters of the Mountain Home

marath'damane (Seanchan) - Those Who Must Be Leashed

Mashadar - (the manifestation of the evil that destroyed Shadar Logoth)

mashiara - beloved; a love lost

Mera'din (Aiel) - The Brotherless

Mia'cova - One Who Owns Me; My Owner

miere - sea

moghedien - a small, extremely venomous spider

morat- (Seanchan) - prefix meaning 'handler of' (morat'grolm = grolm handler)

Moridin - Death

Nae'blis - (The highest among the Dark One's followers, who shall rule only a step below him on the Day of Return)

nar'baha - fool

ordeith - wormwood

osan'gar - left-hand sha'je dagger

rahien - dawn

Rahien Sorei (Aiel) - Dawn Runners

Rhyagelle (Seanchan) - Those Who Come Home

sa'angreal - (as an angreal, an instrument used to augment the amount of the One Power a channeler can draw upon; yet as much more powerful than an angreal as an angreal is to unaided channeling)

saa - (black flecks in the eyes of a Dreadlord who draws more of the True Power than is healthy)

saidar - the female half of the True Source

saidin - the male half of the True source

Sammael - Destroyer of Hope

sei - eye

Sei'cair - Goldeneyes

sei'mosiev (Seanchan) - downcast eyes

sei'taer (Seanchan) - straight eyes

Seia Doon (Aiel) - Black Eyes

serenla - stubborn daughter

sha'je - (an extremely deadly dueling sport known in the Age of Legends)

Sha'mad Conde (Aiel) - Thunder Walkers

shadar - Shadow

Shadar Logoth - The Place Where the Shadow Waits; Shadow's Waiting

Shadar Nor - Cutter/Slicer of the Shadow

Shae'en M'taal (Aiel) - Stone Dogs

Shaidar Haran - Hand of the Dark/Shadow

Shaiel (Aiel) - The Woman Who is Dedicated

Shen an Calhar - The Band of the Red Hand

siswai'aman (Aiel) - Spears of the Dragon (implies ownership)

so'jhin (Seanchan) - hereditary upper servants of the Blood

souvra - mind

Sovin Nai (Aiel) - Knife Hands

sul'dam (Seanchan) - Holder of the Leash

T'ingshen - Treebrother

Tai'daishar - Lord of Glory

Tai'shar - True Blood (customarily followed by the name of a land; "Tai'shar Manetheren" = True Blood of Manetheren)

Tain Shari (Aiel) - True Bloods

ta'maral'ailen - Web of Destiny

Tarmon Gai'don - The Last Battle

ta'veren - (person who is a focus in the Great Weave of the Wheel of Time)

tel'aran'rhiod - the Unseen World; the World of Dreams

ter'angreal - a device from the Age of Legends designed to use the One Power for a certain function

tia avende alantin - Brother to the Trees; Treebrother

toh (Aiel) - duty; obligation

Tsorovan'm'hael - Storm Leader

Tuatha'an - the Traveling People, Tinkers

Certain words I have come across which I cannot even guess the meanings of: conje, choss, M'jinn, Tsag, Bajad drovja!, dornat, cueran, sofar, tcheran (all from Book Six); kjasic (from Book Seven); sha'rah, nori (from Book Eight).

Guide to Old Tongue Phrases

"Carai an Caldazar!" - "For the honor of the Red Eagle!"

"Carai an Ellisande! Al Ellisande!" - "For the Honor of the Rose of the Sun! The Rose of the Sun!"

"Deyeniye, dyu ninte concion ca'lyet ye." - "Majesty, by your summons do I come."

"Dovie'andi se tovya sagain." - "It's time to roll the dice."

"Dovienya. Mia dovienya nesodhin soende." - "Luck. (Sentence unknown)."

"Kiserai ti Wansho!" - "Glory to the Builders!"

"Kiserai ti Wansho hei." - "Always glory to the builders."

"Kodome calichniye ga ni Aes Sedai hei." - Here is always a welcome for Aes Sedai."

"Los! Los caba'drin!" - "Forward! Forward horsemen!"

"Mia ayende, Aes Sedai! Caballein misain ye! Inde muagdhe Aes Sedai misain ye! Mia ayende!" - "Release me, Aes Sedai! I am a free man, Aes Sedai! I am no Aes Sedai meat! Release me!"

"Muad'drin tia dar allende caba'drin rhiadem! Los Valdar Cuebiyari! Los! Carai an Caldazar! Al Caldazar!" - "Footmen prepare to pass cavalry forward! Forward the Heart Guard! Forward! For the Honor of the Red Eagle! The Red Eagle!"

"Ninte calichniye no domashita, Agelmar Dai Shan." - "Your welcome warms me, Lord Agelmar."

"Nosane iro gavane domorakoshi, Diynen'd'ma'purvene?" - "What language do we speak, Hornsounder?" (lit., "Speak we what language, Sounder of the Horn?")

"Sa souvraya niende misain ye." - "I am lost in my own mind."

"Sene sovya caba'donde ain dovienya." - "Luck is a horse to ride like any other."

"Suravye ninto manshima taishite, Dai Shan." - "Peace favor your sword, Dai Shan."

"Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin." - "The grave is no bar to my call."

"Tsingu ma choba." - "You honor (me/us)."
(Uncertainty: Loial says it, which implies me, yet the phrase below shows 'choshih' in such a case. On the other hand, the Shienaran responding says 'You honor us.' immediately after. It is possible that a typographical error placed the phrase in the wrong paragraph.)

"Tsingu ma choshih, T'ingshen." - "You honor me, Treebrother."

Terms in the Trolloc Language

Ba'alzamon - Heart of the Dark; the Dark One

Djevik K'shar - The Dying Ground (used to refer to the Aiel Waste)

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