Classical MIDI Archives (
This site has probably the largest collection of Classical MIDI files on the internet. The owner, however, has many restrictions on how many can be listened to during a given day and how many you can copy to your own system.

The Star Trek MIDI Page (
I've always enjoyed the music from Star Trek, and this site has (as far as I can tell) the largest assortment of MIDI files of the various Star Trek themes (of all qualities) that I have ever seen.

GaryW0001's MIDI Home Page (
GaryW0001's site is home to a myriad of very professionally self-sequenced MIDI files of all types. However, in order to listen to the full versions of his newest files, you must buy a subscription to his site.


Peroxide (
A very interesting programming site with tutorials in C++ and Pascal on 3D graphics and various other things. Also home of the "official" remake of Ultima I.

Programmer's Heaven (
This site contains a large database of source code from many various languages, including Basic, Pascal, C++, and more!


The Wayward Avatar (
This page contains an immense amount of information, including a walkthrough-in-progress for Ultima IX: Ascension. The Ultima message boards found here are also the most-frequently-travelled. (after the official message boards were shut down)

The Ultima Dungeon (
This site has information on all the Ultima games and delivers news on Origin (Ultima Online 2). It contains a great deal of information (a walkthrough, many various information FAQs, etc.) concerning Ultima IX: Ascension.

The Ring of Dragons (;index)
This is an index of nearly all the fansites devoted to the amazing RPG known as Ultima.

JTG Dragon's Lair (
This site contains a lot of information on Ultima, many links to related websites, and a cool intro.

Ganesh's Site (
This site has many downloads and information for Ultima VII, some really funny jokes, and much more!

By the way, as I am now an Ultima Dragon, I am now obliged to help anyone with any questions they have about Ultima (specifically Ultima VI through IX, and not the MMRPGs). Please e-mail me with your questions at


Route 2000 (
This retar- ... sorry ... guy named -D- is not really sure what he's doing and doesn't ever get around to editing his website! He also seems to like girls alot <the sound of an extremely nerdy white guy laughing comes into the background - heh, heh, heh, snort>

I am in the process of gathering more links for each of the above categories. I am using most of my time, though, to complete the programming and RPG sections of my site.


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