Hall of Champions

They hold true to Honor and Compassion and prove the finest in battle.
They are the wearers of the Glory Row Sash.
The Champion Sash is blue in color and is worn with pride by our Champions only.
No mockery of the Champion Sash will be tolerated.
For these are our Glory Row Champions.


The applicant must be a member for a period of not less than six months and have proven their worthiness and valor to members of the Guild. If the said applicant is declined they must wait and complete a grace period of at least 1 month before reapplying.

No member of the board may apply.

Only true followers of Our Creed may vow to take the task of Champion.

To become a Champion one must complete a quest.

Please note that the quests shall change and vary in difficulty.

A New Champion Quest is Pending


This quest may consist of the retrieval of an item of uniqueness one which constitutes the passing through dangerous and uncharted areas. Yet Shall it may consist of a task that only the brave may seek to conquer.
May the Glory Row Faith be with them.

Once completed a ceremony unlike that of any other will commence and the swords shall be drawn and the champion shall be Dubbed "Champion"

And here lies the names of the achieved.

Click on Champion's name for details.

Sir Draegon
Colbey, the Late

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