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Hoki's Silly Stuff


Hello! This part of Hoki's page is devoted to Old Silliness. I hope you will enjoy it!

What is this stuff?

Here's a few words from the Typist.

Very long time ago, I was frequenting alt.fan.dragons. At that time, I was still rather young. Okay, I'm still rather young, but still. At that time, I wrote all sorts of silly stuff. Okay, I still write pretty silly stuff, but still.

At that time, there were weird Linux things (I was getting into the whole Linux thing at the time...) and weird Unix things (the Server Daemons, aka sendmail and nntpd, that were frequently blamed for bad things on the newsgroup; and SIGCAKE, which generates a Cakedump instead of Coredump.)

Anyway, this stuff is Silly with capital S. Since I'm not that silly anymore, I decided to put this stuff on a separate page.

Why is it on a separate page? Well... let's just say that I think it's fair to give a warning in case you have seen my newer stuff. This stuff may be a bit unrefined - having been written, of course, ages ago.

And it's silly.

- WWWWolf

Enough! Where is the silly stuff?

Here's a short story in Finnish, about how I got my name: Kuinka Hoki-Aamrel sai nimensä.

Those eeeeevil Server Daemons! Well, they aren't bad - in fact, these days I have many server daemons as personal friends! Back when our relations weren't yet this good, I interviewed one of them. I also have some old information about them! I don't think it's too accurate anymore, though...

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