All the maps in complete graphic detail
Except for some (hopefully minor) personal errors
Beware possible spoilers
Surface | Surface l. 2 | Surface l. 3 | Surface l. 4 | Surface l. 5
Underground | Underground l. 2 | Underground l. 3 | Underground l. 4
Note: these maps are very bit(3584x4096) and many of them have a LOT of black space. That should be changed in the revision. For now they are just a little huge. Be warned--the surface is 500K and Underground l. 2 is 200K. Surface l. 3 and Underground are 100K. So these take a while to load.

Please do not reproduce these maps. They required considerable effort. Although the ideas for the maps are copyright by Origin, the GIF versions of these maps are copyright 2000 Andrew Schultz. However, if you'd like to make this sort of map for a game, I'd love to talk and see what we can come up with.

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