This is my main page for 2400 A.D., a futuristic dystopian game written in 1987 by Chuck Bueche("Chuckles") of Origin Systems. It's got a surprising amount of humor and really amusing graphics. Origin did a lot with a little(128K). It is a one character RPG on a grid where you have to kill a bunch of robots, find a bunch of items, and shut down the robot control center to save the city of Nova Athens from the oppressive alien Tzorgs.

The FAQ and Walkthrough are pretty much all done, although there are some minor organizational hurdles. I still don't know where 4 NPC's are. The FAQ and walkthrough are also on and I also received permission from to use the manuals I found there.

So what features are on this site?

First, a full-color pixel-map of the surface is here.

Second, if you have the time to wait, detailed icon maps of the world of 2400 AD are here.

Last updated 6/22/2000
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