People and robots you meet in 2400 A.D.
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I have some icons below of the sorts of people/robots you meet up with:

Level 1 Robots
You Sentry robot
Lazy person !Checker robot
Chatty person *Support?
Short person *Searcher robot
Busy person *Mech robot (No pictures yet)
Relaxed person
Lab coat person
Level 2 Robots
Level 3-4 Robots
Hunter robot Cyborg
Looker robot
*Eye robot(?)
Truck robot(?)
Multiple graphics are a temporary replacement for animated GIFs.
* means I don't have all the frames yet.
Also, people's mouths seem to open and close more frequently. I haven't accounted for that. Too many frames for right now, but maybe once I get an animator it'll be a lot easier.
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