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This is my Might and Magic II main page. It's still under construction, but don't worry. It's being constructed quickly. I loved Might and Magic II back in high school. It's a bit more orderly than Might and Magic I and a variety of factors made this game easier for just one person to dissect than others, auto-mapping being one of the bigger ones.
Most recent update: 3/1/2001 brought back old MM2 maps. I hope to colorize soon.
The main part of this page is the file with the maps. although the faq, script,(both offsite at GameFAQs.com) and walkthrough are also available.

Once upon a time I strung together a patchwork world map.

On the main page I also plan to feature links to pages that are not quite so important but still very interesting, even though this information may be in the FAQs. For instance, I might have a link to pages regarding hirelings. There is also a link to a page with some interesting bugs.

Here's a link to a general Might and Magic page which has helped me with some Might and Magic I stuff.

And here are the Might & Magic I Maps. They seem to be complete, and I hope the formatting is great.

Latest news:

  1. I was able to get all the maps done and even found all MM2 items and monsters.
  2. Found some notes on the humorous walkthrough I was going to make. It's a high priority.

Look! I joined a WEBRING! But you probably knew that, since from my counter stats, it seems that's how I get most of my hits, anyhoo :).

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