Centauri Alliance
BIG NEWS!!!! This game is all mapped out. Check out this link to see what I mean. I still want to make another go at the maps, but so far I'm pleased with myself.

On 6/16/2000 I managed to solve this game. Bought it only 11 years ago--not bad. Now I want to walk through it again with non-cheating characters. For the moment I have sent a second version of my faq to GameFAQs.com.

I also have a clickable HTML map of the universe. The planets may not be in the right places but I don't have a manual yet(threw the old one out)--and would be grateful if someone could find one for me. Another project is a FAQ.

I have also started a picture gallery. They are black-and-white apple emulator pictures, but they are still quite interesting.

Oh yes, I also have a cheat document :). Even with "cheated" characters the game is still *!@#& impossible(combat, anyway) near the end. But it is very cool.

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