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Welcome Traveller!

Erick McEntire welcomes you to his Inn, The Clueless. Here you can rest from your endless wanderings and for just a few cages a day you'll enjoy a comfortable room and the company of the best bard over the multiverse, ME!
Or, if you prefer, you could ask Tom for something to drink, he's our local bartender. There's also Valla and Tany, a couple of sea queen sisters who help me with the chores and, coincidentally, happen to be quite the adventurers.
And, if by any chance, you grew tired of here, or just want to wander the multiverse again, ask Yisoba, he's the best tout around.
Enjoy your stay and return whenever you want!

[OOC Mode: Your host Melroch Eitheldor welcomes you to this little but growing website. Hearing some comments on this behalf I have to explain this site is dedicated to an ongoing PnP campaign in Chile (yeah, I know it's far from most of you). Basically, it's up to keep players informed of house rules and changes to the setting, but I also wanted to share what I have made here. Any comments or suggestions can be send using the guestbook, or the e-mail form. Thanks for your support.]

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Greetings! Almost 3 years now, times do skip sometimes. I wanted to thank the comments I've been receiving from some webwalkers that happened to visit this site, my PC exploded so I'm trying to reconstruct the files I was working with, not promising anything, but at least trying. Also, I finally got more books at some point along the year, the Planes of Conflict boxed set (actually got 2 of them), Faction War and Factol's Manifesto, the Appendix III and lotsa modules, I think Hellbound is the only material remaining that I dont have so shoot your questions if you have any.


Greetings, just a quick salutation to inform you that this webpage is not abandoned. During the past days and some of the following I'll be making a lot of minor corrections, mostly some 3E rules that weren't updated in the monster convertions, also added more chars of my running campaign and tweaked a little the planar races, because they weren't up to compete against the allmighty 3.5E Human (as most of my players tend to agree on). Enjoy!


Wow, almost a year already, sorry for the long absence but reality really takes it's toll on the available skipping time. Well, after hearing some comments of yours (particularly pupsy) now in the downloads section you can find all the monster convertions presented in this webpage in 5 printer frienly word archives ready for you to loot! Have in mind that this convertions take into account some of the house rules in my campaign, so some of them could need slight modifications to work for you if you don't use them too.


Greetings and Salutations! I wish to thank all of thee for the thousand hits the site has received, mostly from my players, but there's always the everpresent skipper or the blood planewalker who wanders to this place in the great ring. Also, I wish all of you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Cycle!


Greetings again. A lot of minor corrections in the campaign section were made. Also I started working on the Appendix II, so it should be online in a short future to come. Added some of the characters actually in the campaign (yeah, I forgot some, they'll be promptly added). The PDMA software suffered some corrections too. That's for now. Btw, I'll like to know your oppinions about things to be improved, remember there's the email form, the guestbook or you could email me to


Time flies in the multiverse. Just noted the Appendix II link is not working, but I'll fix it soon. Also, I remake the PDMA software using visual basic, so now is working really good, try it and leave me a comment if you like it. Go to the downloads page to grab it. Btw, thanks Arkon for the comments, those things make your gears to keep on working.


Wow, almost six months, time flies when working. Don't worry, I haven't abandoned the website nor the campaign. Also, thanks to Darkstorm and Googenheim for signing my guestbook (btw, I'm still trying to translate that ;P) and to all people that made the 600 hits possible. The e-mail form was fixed and now it's working properly, so sorry if anyone sent a message, because it wasn't received. Well, to the topic, the full Appendix I was included (some time ago really), and soon the Chaos and Neutral Supplements will be included (just some editing remaining). In addition, with the appearance of some Complete something Handbooks new material will be slowly included. That's for now.


Greetings again, a lot of minor changes were done specially to adapt the page for users with 1024x768 screen resolution and latests opera installements. Also, the available monster entries were updated to 3.5E.


Greetings and Salutations fellow planewalkers. Given the release of the 3.5E there's a couple of surprises in the downloads section. First a revised 3.5E character sheet, and second, a 3.5E Planescape Treasure, Equipment and Spell Lists Generator made using QBasic, not too pretty but very useful. Source code is available and also help files, they are not absolutely complete, but they are useful anyway (I hope!). Send any questions/comments to this e-mail.


Greetings to the Inn again and happy new year to all of you! I hope the chaos season left you unscathed and breathing, and let's hope for Regulus to left us unjailed too! (Melroch: Happy NY to all! I'm preparing a massive update, including new monster convertions, and a software I developed using Q-Basic for treasure and spellbook generation, so pay a visit in a little while).


Greetings, Melroch talking here, I had to freeze Erick for a while since this update has nothing to do with him, and it's mainly system-wise. It has been some time since the last update, mainly because the campaign was suspended for a while, but now it's back on it's tracks.
Some time ago the AD&D 3.5E was released and modified a lot of things, all the things that were accepted into the campaign are detailed into the House Rules subsections for your reference. Until now, Races, Classes, Skills, and Feats are completely revised, the new spell list will be accepted in a one by one basis over time and need (here).
Also, a new background and some minor changes were done aiming for better readability.
Now, content-wise, I finally added some of the Prestige Classes used in my campaign. It's far from finished, but players were leveling up and aiming for some of them. Also, added the Dictate spell into the spells section.


A quick paint-job and some general fixes received the Inn this time. Also, the resident minotaur explained me in detail the Drive feat, I was mistaken with some part of it, now it's corrected. Tom added a new recipe, the Exocet and the Verdana fonts in the Download section. Tany just got back from the great bazaar and shared it's financial experience with us in the Money & Equipment section. Also, Valla told me about some of her previous encounters with some-more-than-others dread creatures, thus I added her knowledge in the Planescape Monstrous Supplement and the Planes of Law Monstrous Supplement in their respective section.


Talking with some spellslingers, and after quite a jink, they decided to share with me their knowledge in the arcane, the supplied information has been added to the Planescape Boxed Sets Spells and Other Spells subsections in the Planar Magic Effects section. And, among other things, Yisoba just contacted me saying that his services were available in the Links section.


After a quick trip to the great wheel and the elemental sphere, I recollected quite the lore on the Inner Planes Cosmology, and also I got some drawings of the outer planes and placed them in the Planar Magic Effects section. Aditionally, Tom started giving away his recipes in the Downloads section starting with a character sheet designed to use the rules presented here. I'm currently needed of histories and lore from the "Planes of Conflict" Boxed Set, anything would be greatly appreciated.


Official opening of the Inn. It's still under heavy construction but enjoy your stay anyway.
I took a lot of material all around the multiverse and modified them to a varying degree accordingly to my concepts of game balance, for that reason, I don't really remember where I got every material, so, if you happen to recognize some of your work inside the website please e-mail me to "" and proper credits/links/etc will be included. I don't intend to steal other's work or get credit for them, but I won't remove such work from my website due to completitude of the information provided here.

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