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Note to Cheaters
The staff of Zulu Hotel shard is taking a lot of flack for the way in which we deal with cheaters.

We do not now, nor will we ever tolerate cheaters, bug exploiters, stats and/or skills bolstered by rule breaking staff members, or macro users. If your character dies or becomes unusable as a result of any of these you will receive no help from our staff. Likewise, if we catch an individual or group of people cheating, our resolution will be swift, absolute, and will affect the entire group, guild, clan, or cult. Once we have made our decision, we will not reconsider simply because you say that you "had nothing to do with this...and were not cheating."

I recommend that if you know of, or find out about, a member of your group who is cheating, you make them stop immediately. If they will not, then leave that group so that you will not be lumped in with them when they are caught cheating. The only case in which you will see an authorized stat bolstering by a member of the ZuluHotel staff is if it has been authorized by an admin as a plot device. So if you are approached by a staff member do not accept, and likewise do not approach a staff member asking them for increased stats.

Believe it or not we actually do keep ourselves knowledgeable about the shard and everything that goes on in it. Without talking to a single person we can, and do, know exactly what happens in the shard. We know what you have in your bank account, what you are carrying, what stats and skills you have, and when you came by all of those things. If you are cheating we can and will find out about it.

We have just deleted four accounts and we are looking at a few others. We do not want yours to be next, nor do we want to shut down the shard. If things do not change, then we will look at other options.