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Would you be interested in stronger Rping ?
Yes, ZH should have more RPing
No I hate Rping
It is fine like this
RP and PvP should be divided

How do you rate Zulu Hotel Canada ?

How do you fell about the one who got banned ?
Good for them
Sad, but they knew better
I dont agree

Have you play on other Zulu Hotel then ZHC ?
Looking forward for

What would you like to see next ?
New Monster
New Skill
New Classes
New Dongeon
New Statics Files
New Client
Nothing (this is good)
I dont know

What do you think of ZH Un-Official.
Not Needed
It is ok
I luv it
I dont know

Wipe ?
I dont know

FastCounter by bCentral
November 2, 2001:


Zuluuo.com, Is putting back Medieva, a Roleplaying server, that rule over the Roleplaying world for two years

Medieva was shut down due to hacking, but will now return with the help of Zuluuo.com, Medieva Productions and Avatarpatch.com. We will update you with frequant news and let you know where we are at

We will also let you know when we will take Beta Tester and Staff recruitment, If you were once a player of Medieva, let us know Zuluuo@yahoo.com

November 1

I added a link, to help you setup a POL Server alone, so hope it help ya.

October 31

Happy Halloween, to all those that celebrate it. The server has been running great lately with the new CPU and memory. We've had close to 200 players on lately and the lag hasn't been too bad. One thing we are considering is putting a limit on the amount of players that can log in at the same time. This will help with script lag.

October 31

First of all I would like to say how disappointed I am too see this many people have abused this bug...Even when we gave you a second chance you did not take it, so we took drastic measures and here are the results: To further point out that this program Lothian made will run each month, so think of what you are doing before you do it!

- (Characters: Yahel)
- (Characters: Solomon [RPer]) To be reestored.
- (Characters: Tolkien the Czar)
- (Characters: Teardrop)
- (Characters: Kugelrohr [MoSS])
- (Characters: Potso [AKK], Celes)
- (Characters: Kherleth of Vesper)
- (Characters: Ramnses)
- (Characters: Ed)
- (Characters: AzKaban, Forsaken Soul oof Buccaneer's Den)
- (Characters: Gihm)(not the one from AAteka)
- (Characters: Baba, KrusadeR)
- (Characters: Tubby [ToC])
- (Characters: Biff [MoSS])

Good bye guys nice having you around.. The rest of you that aren't on this list, stay tuned you're next!(Gm Orion & Dev Lothian)

One the other hand !!
Somthing is not right
1st off no MoSS has (or ever has had to my knowledge) had a player Vendor
Im looking into this (Admin Erick)

October 30

Ok I am back, and working on the site again, so look out for update

October 25

I will be away for the Week end, Please be patien, and we will see each other, Monday with new update.

October 26

We have bought the name Zuluuo.com, and will soon be online with it, Then you will be able to view many more info and a daily update. We will have a full ingame staff that will fill us with information and more. Welcome again to Zuluuo

We are also please to give you this source of information, and hope that you will help support this site with the future, Banner, dont worry they wont be pup-up nor big add, I will control them.

There will also be more link, exemple all file needed to log on ZHC, and more goodies.

October 24

There is now a new link, Zulu Hotel Newspaper, where we will add many kind of story from ingame experience, written by our journalist Lexa Amore.

October 24

I will add a touch of fantasy to the original web site of Zulu Hotel, and give more aspect on the game, UO and ZHC.

October 24

I have added a Mesg Board, with hopefully more selection. And also respect the free Banner, they are what make this tool free for all of us.

As a player of this vaste community you can now post any news here, (Wedding, Event, Guild..anything) just send your info @ Zuluuo@yahoo.com

October 24

I have added a Mesg Board, with hopefully more selection. And also respect the free Banner, they are what make this tool free for all of us.

As a player of this vaste community you can now post any news here, (Wedding, Event, Guild..anything) just send your info @ Zuluuo@yahoo.com

October 24

I would like to welcome everyone to the first, Un-Official version of Zulu Hotel Canada, We will keep you update with bugs, fix, updates and any GOOD information possible. This Web Site is ran by a Zulu Hotel Staff Members.

As a player of this vaste community you can now post any news here, (Wedding, Event, Guild..anything) just send your info @ Zuluuo@yahoo.com

October 23

Make sure you check out the new offical Inside Zulu Hotel. There will be lots of stats, inside news and screen shots. Arji has just set up the site and is adding stuff every couple a days. This site will be a good one to put in your favorites

Thursday, October 10th:

If players do not clean out their secure containers, then we will be forced to do a secure container wipe. The file is already 75 MB and growing every day. We are giving one week and if the items in secure containers do not shrink, it will happen automatically.

September 10:

We have deleted out all the old accounts, that means the saves will even go faster. Yeah, even those who were banned: see you around, grin. We will be running cleaning scripts over the next couple of hours to remove old items. There might be some lag from this, but will run during the macroing hours, when players are not doing much.

September 7:

We have put up the new server online. It has twice as much memory which will help with the saves and it's twice as fast which should help with lag. We have also put in two server NIC's to increase performance on the network. This is a brand new machine, not upgrades to the old server.

August 15:

We have been having problems with our webpage. It has been going offline all the time. We will have a fix for this soon. We are working on getting the server and should have things running early next month.

August 3:

We now also support UO Third Dawn and if you are having problems logging onto the server. then check out our message board for help

July 30:

We have put in a new auctioneer, you can sell items and players can bid up to 7 days. They are located by some of the banks. Just drop an item on them, set price and pick a category. To buy (bid) on an item, type bid and you can look through the items. You need to drop money on the auctioneer and that will go in your account for all auctioneers. If you bid on an item, then money comes out of your account. Other commands are status and collect.

All auctions will last between 1 and 7 days. You can also put in a reserve bid. What that means, if an item's current bid is 10 gold and you put in a bid of 20 gold. Your bid will be 10 gold, but if someone bids higher than 10, your bid will still be highest. That is until someone bids 21 gold.

Due to recent actions by a few players, we have all decided to canceled Zulu Hotel Gold.

July 22:

We have been in huge updates to fix lag problems, we've had over 150 players online with very little lag. We have also created a new house wiper system. If you are a co-owner of a house and the owner quits, they house wiper system will make you the new house owner. If there are no owners still playing the house and all items will be deleted.